Thursday, July 30, 2009

What a good learning day

Lye Huat Garden is a small Chinese-styled garden, located just besides the toll expressway, after Jitra. It is privately owned but we call it an all-in-one place.
It has all kinds of stones, fake warrior statues, antiques gallery, mini zoo, mini museum, bonsai park, a few other interesting stuff and an extensive stone collection. They even have their own name for each of the rocks.

Lydia and Priscilla, one of the exhibits that greets visitors upon entry. These are bronze replicas of the terracota warriors. Each warrior is made from local terra cotta clay and were all painted.

The Terracotta soldiers were created for the Emperor Qin Shihuang.It is believed that the Emperor had these Terracotta Soldiers crafted to protect his tomb. What an amazing piece of world history.

Welcome to the home of quality antiques and fine art. The owner of the park has been able to get all this pieces of door frames with intricate carvings and transported them here. They're really works of art. The works of art in China present them as a mirror of Chinese society and culture.

Dad and mom like the collection of natural stones. Many of the stones collection is the landscape rock and the shape rock, they are all completely natural, no cut or any alteration.

The hard stone seems extremely beautifully. Natural stone is the great gift of God.

Girls, this was a great way to learn about Chinese culture, history and art on 13.10.2007.What a good learning day.

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