Sunday, July 12, 2009

Create a work of art

Art is one of the earliest forms of human expression. The Arts are what mark a society's greatness. Child may find art classes to be one place they can truly express themselves.

Lydia and Priscilla, try to see everyday world in a new and beautiful way, from the different colours you learn. You have a caring art teacher, who understand and tailor the program for you. He is also the one who put awesome in art.

You attend art class every Friday or Saturday, from8-10p.m. You art teacher always make learning enjoyable for you. Stil remembered when you first time partciipated in art competition, he came to PISA for support.

Girls, when you create a work of art, you are not just drawing a picture, you are also creating aspects of self importance and engaging in self expression.

A good art work takes time to build. Dad and mom hope that you will go far in life. Girls, enjoy drawing. We really love your artwork!

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