Saturday, July 25, 2009

A great day trip to paddy field

Kedah sits in the northwest corner of the Peninsular Malaysia. It is the state where rice is mainly produced.We visited the paddy field on 18.10.2008. It was a great day trip.

We could see paddy field almost everywhere in Kedah. Dad and mom love to see paddy fields. We stopped by the road side to catch some pictures.

Bright green paddy, will turn gold in a couple of months.The padi field scenery was so beautiful.

This was your frst time visiting a paddy field. So can imagine how excited you were. We brought Hui Qing and Xin Yi along. We pose in front of the paddy field.

Along the way, four of your chit-chat like birds.

Visiting a rural area at times refreshes our mind and soul. We were glad and said hello to the paddy fields, buffaloes and farmers. What a great paddy field and breath-taking scenery.

Farming is best learned by doing. The farm is a fertile learning ground for those who are willing to work hard.

It is always a diffucult time for farmers as they has to work in an atmosphere.

Girls, farmers produce rice with sweat and sacrifice. Don't waste a grain of rice.

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