Monday, February 6, 2012

Chinese Reunion Dinner at Seoul Garden Auto City

Reunion dinner during Chinese new year eve is a very important event for the Chinese. This year, we had our reunion dinner at Seoul Garden Restaurant Auto City. An all you can eat Korean style buffet restaurant. Nowadays, Korean style barbeque and steamboat has become very famous in Malaysia.   
We arrived there with grandparents and bo bo on 25.1.2012 at 5.50p.m. It was our first time dining here. It costs RM47.30 for adults. RM40.70 for senior citizen. RM26.90 for children. Seoul Carden is a pretty good place to have dinner with the family.   
Seoul Garden introduced the new oriental-style buffet grill and steamboat-dining concept, with a smoke-free barbeque environment in an air-conditioned area. There is no unpleasant and oily smoke.
Choice of soup to upgrate. There are Korean Kimchi Jigae, Korean Ginseng Chicken, Thai Tom Yam and Ginseng and Chinese Herbal. You can choose whatever soup base you want.
At fist, we opted for kimchi soup and Chinese Herbal. We switched to Thai tom yam soup half way. Anyway , grandparents prefer the clear soup rather than the spicy one.
Different types of meat, fish, chicken, squid, prawns for barbeque grill . A lot of spice and flavor variety to choose. Meat with many types of flavour.
Plenty choices of sauce. We love the Korean Chilli sauce.
You can change the pan after grill for some time and you can change other soup without any charges.
Free flow of soft drinks and juices.
Dessert Bar.Consisted of a few fruits and various condiments for you to shape your own bowl of ais kacang or shaved ice.
Crab curry with light spices. Dad and mom love it so much.
Ice-kacang with toppings of red bean, jagung and cendol. You can also choose peach fruit slices, sea coconut and colourful jellies.
They also served snack food like fried chicken.
Actually, Chicken Bulggogi is a staple with all Seoul Garden outlets. Bulggogiis one of the best choice for those new to Korea. Meats are marinated into different flavours including black pepper, Szechuan, Bulgogi, char siew, chili, curry, tomyam, teriyaki and garlic.
Hot honey green tea and white coffee really quenched our thrist. Mom enjoyed the the honey green tea very much.
Various of ice cream flavour.
Dim Sum.
We never missed the fruits.
They have 3 VIP room. Minimum of eight persons. Of course, you can call for booking. The room is sound-proofed.
It is fun to have lunch or dinner here. Be sure to bring your student cards if you have them and check out the promotions before you go in.
The reunion dinner helps keep family alive at the table and in our hearts. Girls, we thank God for this day.