Monday, August 16, 2010

Kneaded Dough Figurines

Dough figurine is a traditional handicraft art in China. Its history more than one thousand years.
Kneaded dough art was on display at Queensbay Mall in conjunction of the Chinese New Year.

Creating a deep awareness to exhibitions is another way to promote this dying folk art to the general public.

Few people specialize in today.Dough figurine artists are accomplished in decorative figures. What an incredible job they done. They are very talented artists.

Very skillful art.
Their works are characteristic.

Dad and mom were amazed to see this art form on 1.2.2009.

After the orchestra performance in the afternoon, we went round the stalls.

Enjoying watching this China's unique folk art.

Coloured dough is made of flour, sticky rice flour, honey and preservatives.

Then steamed and kneaded with different colours.
They are very durable and will not crack in many years to come. What a great job.
They have to store sculptures in a container to keep them moist.
Each of the tiny characters has different ears, eyebrows and facial expressions, despite their tiny size.
Characters from the classic novel and include 108 warriors.

Both of you feel very inspired to watch figurine artists at work.

With well kneaded dough in their hands and colours, they shaped them to a figure.
Girls, it was interesting to see how a few color pieces of dough were turned into expressive and lively figurines by the trained hands of a folk artist.
Very simple tools to use such as a spatula, scissors, a comb and a pointed stick.We were fascinated as an artist kneaded the flour. He cut a small piece of dough and rubbed it several times. He made a hand of human. A simple one can be finished in a couple of minutes.

We reached home at about 5.45p.m. Girls, both of you always have hours of fun kneading the handmade dough and making interesting items with it during school holiday.

The figures speak for themselves. We like them so much.