Monday, January 6, 2014

Awesome snorkeling & island hopping in Pangkor Island

Dad and mom planned a weekend getaway with all of you on 6.7.2013-7.7.2013. We were glad that Wei Chung and his mom, Wei Chee and Joamine joined our trip.
We had our lunch at the famous Mee Udang Mak Jah at Kuala Sepetang. Kuala Sepetang which formerly known as Port Weld is a fishing village.
The prawn mee here is tasty. The prawns are large and fresh, making the broth so 
Our visit did not fall on peak holiday season, so we had a smooth drive. We explored nearby places before heading to our main destination. One of the places we dropped by was Kota Ngah Ibrahim or Muzium Matang. When you are in Taiping , do have a historical walk in this 
This fort was built during 1870s by Ngah Ibrahim’s father, Long Jaafar. He was the richest man in Larut. He owned paddy fields, coffee plantations, and tin mining.
Wei Chung's mom accepted Christ as her Savior years ago. This marked a new chapter in her life. We are sisters through Christ.
Terminal Jetty entrance. Lumut jetty is an entry point to Pangkor Island. We drove to Lumut and parked our car at Multi Storey Covered Car Park at Lumut before we took a ferry to Pangkor island. The parking fee is RM10 for 24 hours.
There are some high speed boats which take passengers across to Pangkor Island. RM10 for a two way ticket.
Upper deck platform. We stood on the deck to feel the beautiful breeze blowing through our hair and faces. It took us 30 minutes ride to the island.
Then, we hopped on a mini bus which drives us straight to the Methodist chapel. The pink taxi costs us RM15 to reach the chapel.
We stayed in this converted Methodist chapel. A lovely place to stay. It was airy, clean and comfortable. Our party of 8 people stayed in this place for one night.
After checked in at Methodist chapel, we went for dinner at Restaurant Pasir Bogak 高佬海鲜饭店. It was a famous restaurant in Pangkor island. Dining in Pangkor will appeal to those who like Chinese and Malay food, especially seafood.
The restaurant was packed so we were told to wait. Fresh and healthy fish curry makes a great meal choice but we were a bit disappointed with the fish curry. The fish was not fresh.
The next morning, all the teens could not wait to make their feet touch on the sandy beach.
We went for round island trip to several beaches. Island hopping costs RM200.

Island hopping in the speed boat. The snorkelling and speed boat ride made this trip worthwhile.

Here is the strange rock formations that looked like an apple.
Pangkor Laut Resort where Malaysian International star Angelica Lee held her marriage.
Next time we plan to ride on banana boat. When everyone is sitting on the top which ride in the top speed and turn a sharp corner. Just a split second, everyone will fall into the sea. It is fun.
The best way to discover all these islands is to go island hopping. Island hopping means to travel from island to island. This activity can be truly fun as you will hop from one island to another in a boat. You can discover the many charms of each individual island. 
Majority of hotels and resorts in Pangkor Island offer vacation packages that include island hopping and snorkeling to Giam Island. Kids can safely snorkel and explore the richness of the sea.
PulauPangkor is a great place if you are looking for a short weekend trip. It was good to hire a boat ride to sight see the islands. Snorkeled around the beautiful coral island made our trip awesome.
Dad and mom felt touch to see how God created the earth. It is truly appreciated. Girls, we are blessed that God allowing us see His creation. As we continue to explore the world, we are in awe at the beauty of creation. We look forward for our further adventures.