Friday, April 15, 2011

Lunch at Seven Village Noodle House

After your dad preaching at NTGH on 3.4.2011, we were invited by the Elder of the church to 7 village Noodle House. Here is the outer look of Seven Village Noodle House. We reached there at around 12.00p.m.
Do you see the restaurant's symbol? A stylised yellow Mandarin "seven" sign. The 7 Village Noodle House located in Taman Perindustrian Nibong Tebal. It is one of the famous Koay Teow Soup in Prai. Mom truly interested in the history of the restaurant and the story behind it.
Koay teow th'ng plays a major role in 7 Village Noodle House. Girls, people who felt sick most likely will choose this food as their meal, because it is easy to swallow and not so oily. Koay teow th'ng separate into 2 category, soup type and dry type. It is up for us to make decision.
The interior is divided into two sections; the one with air-conditioning, and the other without. We love restaurant which selling hawker-style food.
What a`comfort environment to enjoy our meal, do you agree? It was Sunday afternoon. The weather was rather warm,. We pampered ourselves in a cooler environment.
The price plat hang on the wall. A good meal with good service makes for a happy customer. Service is good and fast. What a traditional kopitiam theme restaurant with surprisingly reasonable prices.
Mom ordered a bowl of Dong Sui. This is a simple Chinese dessert which mom like to make at home. In this sweltering hot weather, it is good to have a Chinese dessert.
There are other side dishes which we can order to accompany our koay teow thng. A Northern Chicken soya sauce which ordered by our brother. Great, the meat was silky smooth.
Vegetable soya sauce. What a fresh meal which mom like the most. We do like fried garlic with a little oil sprinkled on cooked vegetables.
The lobak was slightly soft and moist. Minced meat with 5 spice powder wrapped in bean curd skin. Dad and mom love this traditional snack. They use the chili sauce to write a Chinese character seven on the plate. What an creative idea.

We had a great time together. A big thank to our brother for treating us to a good lunch. We will definitely come again for our second visit. Lydia and Priscilla, let us thank God for this beautiful day that he has given us.