Monday, December 20, 2010

A fantasic fun animated adventure

Both of you always ask to watch 4-dimension show. It is essentially a 3D movie with the 4th dimension where one physically feels the effect of the actions,the spray of water, streaming of cold air and moving seat. Finally your dream comes true on 3.12.2010.
Only five minute walking distance from our hotel, we arrived at A'Famosa Cowboy Town 4D theatre at 10p.m on 3.12.2010. Admission to the 4D Theater is RM 20.00 per entry. The theatre may not be suitable for those very young children.

In this 15-minute 4-D adventure, we could hear the power of the ocean's waves. The 4 D movie took us to an animated undersea adventure with a variety of entertaining characters. Wow, some funny fish appeared to come out of the screen, just in front of our eyes. Thou a little bit scared but both of you enjoyed every moment.
The 4-D movie is extremely good with a big screen, serious sound, a 3D visual experience. Especially the scary experience when feeling the sea snakes passed by our legs. When a stream of water sprayed on our face, we kept on laughing.
These 4D films are generally designed for family audiences. What a fantasic fun animated adventure for all families. All visitors need to wear 3D spectacles. There were 2 movies to choose from. Each show runs for 15-25 minutes only. Instead of the horror movie, we chose the adventure movie.
Girls, the technology in animation films is also improving day by day. We can feel the fast blowing wind, rainstorm, water falls around us. The theatre uses special effects such as minor seat movement, loud sound effects and short bursts of flashing lights. The seats will move according to the film sequence. Audience can feel the excitement. Not just children but the elders also enjoyed every bit of the experience. What an unforgetable experience.
The experience was a memorable one. After the 4D movie, we felt very hungry. Our stomach started to make noise. We had our late dinner at 11p.m. We explored a lot the whole day. It was a tiring day, but indeed a super happy day.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

A visit to the Petrosains DinoTrek 2 at Jusco

In order to read more about the dinosaurs in action, we decided to pay a visit to Petrosains DinoTrek 2 at Jusco. We started surfing the Petrosains website few weeks ago.
We visited the exhibition Petrosains DinoTrek 2 on 12.12.2010 after worship at a church.

We arrived at Jaya Jusco Bandar Perda, Bandar Perda around 12.15p.m.

Christmas tree decoration looks like a piece of art. Mom really like it.

There are lots of ways to make recycled Christmas decorations by reusing waste paper and scrap fabric. This Christmas tree is made of recycled plastic bottles. They really did a great job.

What a lovely dinosaur slide. Both of you say hello to it.
Outdoor play is part of being a child. Children will have fun when they slide down this cutey dinosaur slide.
Lydia and Priscilla, do you feel this Christmas atmosphere? Christmas is around the corner.
Fun-filled learning adventures were going to start. Let us step back to a time where dinosaurs ruled the Earth. Do you see the tyrannosaurus head at the entrance?
DinoTrek is a mini dinosaur exhibition. Tickets for adult is RM6.00, children RM3.00.
When you stepped on the "yes" or "no" pads, you need to answer three questions. Dino Quiz will challenge your knowledge with questions to test your general knowledge on dinosaurs. Priscilla got all wrong. By answering three simple questions, a gate will open.
They had various dinosaur exhibits, some of the dinosours were built to move. By pressing two or more buttons at the same time, you can lift its front legs, wave its tail and open its mouth to hear a roar.
It moves its head, tail and arms, walks, responds to touch and lets out a big roar when spoken to! Children, the dinosaur world uses very different language than we do.
There were also lots of terminals with interesting games.

They also had lots of activities to engage the children. We had fun time at Dinosaur Extinction Maze Area.

We can observes by personal how the baby dinosaurs break free from their eggshells. One of the main attractions at the exhibition.
A chance for visitors to dance with the coolest creatures in the Mesozoic era. They captured us in action. Snapshots of coolest moves with the dinosours will be taken. Really funny. It can be sent straight to your email. But unfortunately, the photo was not so clear.

We learnt about the true facts about dinosaurs through this multimedia exhibit.
Dinotrek2 prepared an excavation site 'Dino Dig' where you can discover fossils. Children enjoyed digging fossils from the sand pit.
Each exhibit has a story to tell and with 9 animatronic dinosaurs.
Dinosaurs disappeared from Earth since 65 million years ago. There are dinosaurs which are carnivores and herbivores.
Here is a site where a Velociraptor fighting a Protoceratops.
DinoTrek 2 allows families to learn together through co-operative exploration. What a delightful experience.

As for dad and mom, the Dinotrek 2 exhibition was quite educational, with activities and fun stuffs for children. We took up nearly 1 hour to cover everything. A real "value-for-money" family activity which we travelled 100 million years back in time.

Lydia and Priscilla, it was fun learning about dinosaurs. We discovered more about dinosaurs through the detailed explanations, interactive games and quizzes. Dad and mom really hope this activity can promote the love for science and life-long learning.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Priscilla, we love to be a part of your special occasions

A cake made from a choice of rich chocolate cake for our dear Priscilla on 21.3.2009.
We made this for her 9th birthday.
This is the birthday cake for all chocolate lovers include Priscilla. Definately worth the effort.

To make it a success today, we put a lot of effort. Preheat your oven.
Beat butter and castor sugar.
Sift the flour, baking powder and coco into the egg mixture.
Stir just until mixed.

To bake the top one is extremely easy.

Pour the rest over the cake letting it fall down the sides and smoothing to cover with a palette knife.
Dad took half an hour to cover the top of the cake with melted chocolate.

Very dark and moist.
Both of you spread top of cake with chocolate rice.
Glad that to lend a helping hand.
Priscilla put a candle on the cake.

Lit the candles and blew up. Life is meant to be a light in this world.

Dad and mom really hope that our girls, Amanda, Lydia and Priscilla grow and become strong, fill with wisdom and the favor of God.
Priscilla, have a huge slice of your chocolate cake. We love to be a part of your special occasions. We had been celebrating your birthday three days earlier. We bought presents for you that evening.
Priscilla, you have been looking for a soft toy for a couple of years. You cuddled up to your teddy bear. The teddy bear is so happy. Now he has a new family that love him. Ha Ha.
We also bought each of you a barbie doll as birthday presents. Both of you enjoyed barbie for many years.

Brushed her long hair and dressed up them. Barbie is a huge part of your childhood. 

Many happy returns on your day, Priscilla.