Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lunch at Sri Batik Nyonya Café

We bought a groupon deal on internet. We love spicy food and want to try out Nyonya cuisine and home-cooked traditional dishes at Sri Batik Nyonya Cafe.
Sri Batik Nyonya Cafe is located at New World Park, just same row as Old Town. Their business hours from 11am to 11pm. Daily.
We went to have our lunch on 4.3.2012 to feel the magic of nyonya food in Nyonya Cafe.
Sri Batik Nyonya Café was recognised as the Best Food Outlet 2011 by Taiwanese celebrity chef Chen Hong. Chef Chen Hong 陈鸿 is a very well known celebrity chef in Taiwan.
This restaurant also featured in the New Straits Times.
Peranakan ornaments and furniture fill the restaurant with a touch of the modernist feel.
The environment are very spacious and well-decorated with lots of Baba and Nyonya antiques.
Do you like these Chinese wedding carrying boxes? The boxes are traditionally used to carry a bride's dowry when moving to her new husband's family home or to carry food to a special event.
Beautiful hanging lamps. These lamps are modeled from lamps used in ancient Chinese.
We bought groupon online. With RM35, we could get a claypot seafood fish head curry meal for four people. (RM79.90 value).
Besides claypot seafood fish head curry, we also provided Kangkong Belacan. Kangkong which stir-fried with spicy shrimp paste. The best way to eat Kangkong is to stir fry it with belacan. But this stir Fried Kangkung in Sambal Belacan was not what we expect from nyonya restaurant.Honestly though, we were a bit disappointed by the dish.
Unfortunately the fish head was not fresh. Very strong fishy smell. A fishy smell is a clear sign that the fish is past its best. After complaining the restaurant owner about the stale fish, they replaced another pot of fish head curry.
This fish head curry did not explode our taste buds. Dad and mom still felt there was room for improvement.
You can also take some side order. Gulai tumis fish fillet. It costs RM25. Two fish fillets,onions, garlic, tomatoes and ladies fingers.
Hong Bak. It costs RM15. Pork cooked with soya sauce.

Choon Piah. Spring roll with crab meat and mince meat. RM6.00 per roll.
Kapitan chicken. It costs RM24.
Seafood otak. It costs RM14.
Gulai tumis sotong. It costs RM24.
Nyonya dessert. RM4.00 perbowl. The dessert was too sweet. It could be much better if they could reduce the sweetness.
The ambiance in this restaurant is quiet, relaxing and beautiful. But disappointing food compared to similar restaurants. Dad and mom hope that the restaurant owners can take necessary actions to improve their quality of the food and service.