Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lunch at Hot Bowl Nyonya Delights

Hot Bowl Nyonya Delights is located at 16-A Abu Siti Lane, 10400 Penang. It is opposite the Mama’s Nyonya Restaurant.
Their business hour is from 8am-3pm. Closed on Mondays.
This restaurant is usually packed with locals during lunch time.It is equipped with air conditioning. It is good to have your lunch in an air-conditioning environment restaurant in such a hot day.
It has been featured on TV shows, several magazines and some major newspapers.
Some articles from the newspaper. Ming Pao in Hong Kong also highly recommended this white curry mee.
Ho Chak on 8TV visited this restaurant before. During the ho chiak TV8 program interview, the owner told the host that his soup is made by soya bean.
We went there for lunch on 20.11.2011. There was a lunch crowd while we were having our meal. All tables inside the restaurant was occupied with patrons.
The menu.
Wise Words. The test is in the taste.
You need to order the curry mee at the counter. You can opt for some additional ingredients such as prawns, fish balls and crab sticks. Extra charges of RM2 will be added if you wish to add some prawns, as for fish balls and crab sticks, it will be RM1 each.
Place your order and pay here before your dishes are served on the table.
The curry gravy is creamy and rich even without the chili paste. Dad and mom love White Curry Noodle which flooded with the chili paste. RM3.50 for a small bowl and RM4.50 for a big bowl.
It comes with a generous amount of cockles and tofu puffs.
The chili paste provides the magic power to the white curry mee. We like to put the chili paste to the soup as much as possible as dad and mom are chili lovers.
Chicken rice set. It costs RM4.00. Another dish that is highlighted here is their Hainanese Chicken. It is smooth and flavorful. You can opt to order Hainanese Chicken rice for one person or can order half or whole chicken.
Hor Fun and Deboned Chicken. It costs RM4.00.
White Steamed Chicken. The chicken is served cold with sweet soy sauce and topped with some celery leaves and spring onions. Hainan chicken is soaked in cold water to retain its moisture. After the chicken has been cooking for minutes, prepare an ice bath for it. 
It costs RM5 for a small plate. RM16 for half bird. This deboned boiled chicken with soya sauce ( 白斩鸡 ) is a must try dish but it is in a small portion. 
They  also sell their spicy chili paste at RM5.20 per bottle. 
Curry mee is our all time favourite. We would like to recommend the stall at Weng Lok Cheong Cafe, Jalan Perak, Penang. The coffee shop is opposite the Hope Children's Hospital. 
Organic soya bean. It costs RM1.60.
Herbal tea. It costs RM1.40.
If you are in Penang , it is worthwhile to pay the restaurant a visit . You can enjoy your bowl of curry mee at hawker price in an air-conditioned restaurant.