Thursday, September 25, 2014

Warm dinner at De Fresh @ Sandwich

We had our dinner at De Fresh @ Sandwich on 21.8.2014. It was an excellent meal with excellent service. De Fresh @ Sandwich located at 1-1-42, Ideal Avenue, Medan Kampong Relau 1 Bayan Lepas 11900 Penang. We will definitely recommend this restaurant to others.
Wow, this sandwich is so big that we hardly get our mouth open wide enough to bite into it.
Mushroom sandwich set. It costs RM7.90. If you are a mushroom lover, you are going to love this one for sure.
Spicy Chicken Rice Set. It costs RM10.90. The sauce added extra flavor to the chicken.
Lemon Chicken Rice Set. It costs RM10.90. The rice was the perfect compliment with lemon flavor.
Chicken Carbonara Set. Pasta Carbonara is one of dad and mom's favorite pasta. Pasta Carbonara is an Italian way to prepare pasta. Believe me, it is very delicious, flavorful and creamy.
This set rice comes with a drink and a dessert-Red Bean Soup.
Red Bean Soup. A warming and refreshing Chinese dessert. 
Girls, snap a fun photo to preserve the memory for later. Sometimes, the best memories are made not in pictures, but in our heart.
With a large variety to choose from, De Fresh @ Sandwich always delivers on taste. 
We bought some other treats of cakes to bring home. Tiramisu.Tiramisu is a classic Italian masterpiece. An Italian dessert, translates to "pick-me-up,".This treat truly lives up to its name. It costs RM6.90.
Passion Fruit Cheese Cake. It costs RM6.90.
Cheese Cake. It costs RM6.90. Dad is a good cheesecake maker. It is our family's standard no-bake cheese cake with a crispy bottom and a fluffy cheesecake layer.
Apple Pie. It costs RM6.90. 
Mom loves to bake apple pie. Old fashioned apple pie recipe produces a crisp pastry crust and juicy apple. Girls, apple pie is fun to make. After you have finished the pie crust, the filling is easy. Learning to cook and to bake is a delicious endeavor that can save your health and your wallet.
Chocolate Banana Cake. It costs RM6.90. Who does not fancy a good piece of chocolate banana cake ?  It is such a chocolaty, bitter, sweet delight that no one can have just one. 
Parola Roll. A nice tasty treat. Fruit rolls are fun to eat. It costs RM5.90.
Chocolate Brownie with walnut. It costs RM8.90.
Dinner no happy endings without food and chit chat. It was a leisurely dinner with much chit-chat and laughter. Girls, thank you for the love you gave and the way you cared. We treasure the times we had together. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful family.