Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dinner at Hai Nan Western 白云山西餐

Hai Nan Western is located at Jalan Terengganu, near Lai Lai Food Court. A newly opened western food restaurant with the Hainanese touch.
One of our favourite place to look for western cuisine. A new outlet of the famous Mount Erskine Western Food in Tanjung Bunga.
Mount Erskine Western Food is a place where food is served in big portions at very affordable prices. It gave us a good impression on the food and price range. Now we need not travel so far to opt for the western delights.
Their business hours is from 5pm to 11pm (Daily). They serve reasonable price range western food.
This place is very easily spotted as its just right on the roadside.
A comfort zone with air conditioning.

We prefered to enjoy our meal in an indoor air conditioned environment. We went there for dinner with grandparents on 16.2.2013.  It was our third visit. Thanks to the friendly staff for taking family photo for us.

We also went there with gugu's family on 19.12.2012. We decided to have Western food for our dinner.

Part of the menu on the wall.

The menu in the restaurant. You can check the price before you pay a visit.
Justin enjoyed his Chicken Maryland. He is a Western food lover.
Chicken Maryland. It costs RM10.00. The portion here could be considered generous.
Chicken Chop. It costs RM8.50.
Fish and Chips. Fish and chips is loved and enjoyed by every generation.
Grilled Fish and Chips. It costs RM 9.
Chicken Cacciatora is a deep fried chicken with special sauce. It costs RM9.50.
Chicken Cordon Bleu. It costs RM20.00.
The delicious combination of chicken, ham and cheese. The cheese stays inside and it is very moist and delicious.
Fish Cordon Bleu. It costs RM10.50.
Pepper Fish. It costs RM10.00.
Chessy Fish. It costs RM10.00.
Combo set. Grilled Chicken,Lamb and Pork. It costs RM18.00.  
Sauce play an important role in providing Western cuisine with its distinctive taste.
Ice Kacang + Ice Cream. It costs RM4.00. As it is from the Swatow Lane ABC ais kacang, we would like to order it. Every time we go to New World Park food court,we never forget to grab a bowl of the Ice kacang.
ABC Ice Kacang with fruits. It costs RM5.00. The shaved ice consists of corns, red beans, atapchi, grass jelly, syrup and fruits. It is a good idea to have a bowl of ice kacang during hot weather. 
Hot Milo 'O". It costs RM1.80.
Hot White Coffee. It costs RM2.00. Very aromatic and tasty compared to other normal coffees.
Honey Dew Juice(Normal). It costs RM3.00.
Make your own mini burger with your meal.
The food here was average. We look forward to our next Western Food trip. There are many choices for western food in our island.Dad and mom really hope we can explore more unique restaurants. 
All of us had a great time. Girls, each day is a special gift from God. Embrace your life and cherish every single moment that goes by.