Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our bakery Team

Today is 27.11.2008. Kakak Siti prepared biscuit dough ahead of time. Our children had fun making biscuits. Just gave them some fancy-shaped cutters and let the children cut out the figures.
14 students were chosen out to join our bakery team, included Lydia and Priscilla.All of our children cut a variety of shapes using biscuit cutters. When they came in many different shapes and sizes, Kakak Siti warm out of the oven. Baked for approximately 25 minutes until golden brown. Kakak Siti using oven mitts to remove the biscuits from the oven and allow to cool.
Many of you could't wait to taste. These biscuits were really good. They were one of our family favorite type of biscuits.
Biscuits are favourite snack of children. We made these biscuits for our tea time. Biscuits are apt to be enjoyed during tea time with their crispy.
We always look for a meaningful way to spend time with our lovely children. Just like today. What an awesome experience for baker. We had an incredible group of guys. All became great baker at a time.

Lydia and Priscilla, days with children can be joyful if we plan things well. Some of these activities have happened and many are currently being planned for our children during this long term holiday.School holidays are around the corner. Dad and Mom are planning to engage ourstudents in meaningful activities.

Girls, we hope that you enjoyed a good holiday and ready for a busy term.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Creating 3 Dimensional paper house craft

Both of you went to Christion Convension Centre on 8.7.2006.The theme of the camp was Gather Us In Thou Love. Jesus loves little children. He remembers all the lambs. He will gather us together.
Make us one bread, one body in His love.
Teacher Pei En create these 3D paper craft in paper based.This 3 dimensional paper house craft required a lot of preparation and materials. Teachers in Sunday school helped to cut out the papers. What a challenging project. We stayed back at the church. Kept busy for paper cutting.
Lydia and Priscilla, these paper crafts models encourage your creativity and patience in making the job done.
Used your imagination and built your own model house. What an excellent projects for children of all ages.

Blue sky full of white fluffy clouds and bright warm sun, the fence in the front of the lush green grass, a beautiful and unique tree, colourful houses which stood proudly and river run through made these became great craft.Arts and crafts give children many opportunities to express their desire to make things. Our children enjoyed creating their own paper house with this delightful craft project. Teacher Pei En, thank you for your great idea. . It was really worth all the hours of cutting paper...ha!

Girls, dad and mom hoped that could step into your creative house of paper and had some fun. When creating a new home, don't forget to include your love and joy.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dinner at Restoran Double Good

We got all dressed up to go to dinner on 16.11.2008 at 7 pm.
We went for dinner at Restoran Double Good with gu gu's family, da ee ma, gu po, grandpa and grandmom. The food was delicious with reasonable price.The food didn't take too long to arrive. Style curry was great with any seafood.This creamy prawn curry was yummy. It was recommended food in this restaurant. The key to Chinese steam fish is sauce and freshness of fish. Steamed fish is a great dish on a Chinese dinner table. This simple steamed fish was a winner, the flavorful sauce made it special.
Prawn curry, steam fish and fried vegatables were dad and mom favorite kind of meal tonight. The food was going right in our file. It was so good and it seem like everyone enjoyed the food as well.
Priscilla,you enjoyed the food. You ate a whole plate of it, usually you don't eat that much. A man with good appetite enjoys good health. Dad and mom hope that you can gain weight at a healthy level.
Lydia, you have been sick since Friday and have had almost no appetite. Hope you're appetite and good health return soon. One must have a good appetite. It is sign of good health. One must eat well in order to carry out the daily chores.
After dinner, we went shopping for essential grocery items with Anthony. After a long night, we tired but happy. Dad and mom glad that we had a good time together.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, Priscilla

We celebrate Priscilla's birthday on 24.3.2007.We invited some students to the party. Dad and mom were looking to have ready-made meals to help fuel our busy life in an easy.It was even better when the focus was on some of the children's favorite foods. We had no maid at the moment. Both of you helped out with some household chores this morning.
Dad and mom bought a few bottles of bubbles. Bottles of bubbles (blow ones) are great ideas for putting on any child's place setting on birthday party, it stops them from getting bored. Dip in the wand, blow and bubbles float around gently. All of you blew, clapped and played with the bubbles.
Some of you went downstairs and took a seat in the compound. Made suggestions for games. Divided into two equal teams and played some games. My students safety was my primary concern, so mom stood beside.Girls, mom and dad always stand by your side every step of the way.
Priscilla, you like Hello Kitty very much.To you, the cake topper was very sweet. We sang Happy Birthday and you made a wish and blowed the candles out. Everyone was gathering around and wishing you birthday wishes.
May love surround you, girl. Couldn't believe that you are really that "old". My girl turns seven years old, and moves ahead with her life.
A birthday is an occasion for prayer, a holy time. A journey began.
We took lots of pictures. We wanted to remember this special party. Dad and mom really enjoyed the photo show all the great fun and times recorded for the memory box. Happy Birthday, Priscilla.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Playing the piano for church is a way of ministry

Both of you started piano lesson since 2005. Patient, positive and helpful teacher made learning easier and more fun. As you got better, he challenged you to read at ever higher levels, thereby building you skills and knowledge. Dad and mom busy searching for the best teacher for our situation.Luckily we found a great piano teacher to start in-home instruction. He comes to our house on every Monday or Thursday evening, from 7.45p.m-9.45p.m. This special piano teacher not only show you how to play but will teach you to love playing. Private teaching lessons are way to develop musical skills to last a lifetime. Both of you enjoyed the benefits of personalized attention for nearly three years.
Besides piano and music theory lessons, you also learned singing lessons, voice training and vocal coaching.Passing the tests require practice, dedication, and hard work. Practice is the foundation of rapid advancement in piano lessons.
Both of you are very busy with a variety of activities. The homework loads are so heavy that it can be overwhelming at times. Time is one of our most valuable resources. Once lost, it can never be reclaimed .Dad and mom really hope that you could use time wisely for your development and advancement.
You are evaluated on your technique, ear training, sight reading, performance skills and written theory test at each level. Just like in a performance, skill and confidence are the most important in a successful exam, and practicing will help you achieve that. If you know better, you could do it better. Girls, after your exam is finished, relax and enjoy yourself a little, and get ready for your next grade.
Lydia and Priscilla, if you do your part in practicing, you will know how to play all the notes on the piano, basic music theory, technical exercises, and how to figure out a piece of music you've never seen before.
Both of you took photo with your dad on 8.6.2006. We gave you some advices. Playing the piano for church is a way of ministry. It's a wonderful feeling to know that you are using your talent to glorify God.

Dad and mom glad that you want to be used by Him one day. To be responsible with the gift that God has given me.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Holiday Church Camp

School holidays stretches seven whole weeks after fourth-year examination to give you a good break. Both of you joined holiday camp at Madras Lane Chinese Methodist Church from 23.11 06 to 25.11.06.

Really looking forward to join it. The main highlight in this holiday was the holiday camp.The three-day Children's camp under the theme "Lets our love move around".
The program ran in specific age groups from five years old to teens, so you could participate in activities designed just for you.
Trained staff and volunteers were all positive role models who went out of their way to ensure that each camper had a fantastic time. All the church member worked together to make this a success. A great deal of work was done by the pastor and church members young and old.
Dad, mom, Uncle Zheng Wei and Aunt Kui Fen attended your Course Completion Ceremony on 25.11.2006. Each camper was presented with a certificate of course completion.

Bei En also joined the camp. Three of you sang together, laughed together, sweat together, and cheered each other on.
Each group was obliged to present their own performance. Parents and church members came to support the event.
The hardest part about camps was saying goodbye.

Kids are left with a positive and memorable camp experience after having such three days of fun. Church camp is round the corner. Dad and mom are looking forward to the greatest camp for both of you to join. Church camp can be a place where young people develop leadership abilities and a sense of personal vocation. Lydia and Priscilla, as the camp is just around the corner, I would like to encourage both of you to pray and prepare yourselves. 

Playing with Barbie dolls on Sunday

It was 9.11.2008. After Sunday School, Yokie and Jia Yi came to our home.Four of you spending endless hours playing with her Barbie dolls. Barbie doll played a major role during this afternoon. From clothing to furniture to cars and homes, Yokie seemed to have all of the latest Barbie toys.

Barbie is well loved by little girls. Barbie doll has kept up with the times and trends. Over 1 billion fashions have been produced since 1959 for Barbie and her friends. She has firmly established herself as the most popular fashion doll ever created.

Dad, mom and Kakak Siti made biscuits in the afternoon. This was a delicious old-fashioned recipe from gu po. Understanding these ingredients will help you make great biscuits. The great thing about this program was that four of you could make it your own. Decided what biscuits to bake, which animal's shape you honor.
Girls, divide dough into many portions. Dust some plain flour into the biscuit moulds, then press dough into mould. Next, invert onto baking tray. Bake in preheated oven at 180C for 15 minutes. Remove from oven, leave to cool.
Four of you couldn't wait to try them. Four impatient little girls.
Both of you spent a very enjoyable afternoon with Yokie. Yokie felt like it was home. Lydia and Priscilla, we have a lot to learn about art of hospitality.