Sunday, August 9, 2009

Welcome out special guest, Anthony

We welcome out special guest on 30.1.2006. Your lovely cousin, Anthony came up to visit on our previous home. Both of you greeted him with a warm smile. Three of you had many to share.

The smile on the children's faces said it all. Both of you were so pleased today went so well. Able to meet up and chit chat with each other.Talked about school life and funny things that happened. Girls, talk about anything your heart desires.
Anthony grew up fast. He was huge for his age. What absolute difference in body size when three of you sat together on a sofa. Anthony was a nice and well behaved boy.
Having a good relationship with your cousin is good. Three of you sat down together to play special bricks that can be put together to form new items.

Girls, build whatever you could imagine. To build cities for cars to ride around in. What a fun time with Anthony.

Dad and mom will be glad if Anthony comes to visit us some day.

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