Saturday, August 15, 2009

Participated in shool band

Lydia, you participated in shool band since 2007. Kept practicing on Friday afternoon, from 4p.m -- 6.30p.m.Two weeks before Prizegiving and Graduation Day, you were dedicated to practicing but grew tired of lugging instruments to and from school. The main musical skills that you can improve upon through your daily rehearsal are tempo and volume.
Prisilla, you joined the school band on September 2008. Dad and mom still remember the very first day you joined the school band, you could't wait and excite to be part of the team. Feeling a bit nervous in music theory test. Consider the best musical instrument you start with.
Both of you dedicate so much time for marching. All the hard work, determination and sweat had paid off. On 31.10.2008, Lydia participated on the band performance on stage.
What an energetic stage presentation. Images of high energy and musical intensity quickly pop to the surface. A really good band sounds awesome.
Dad and mom know that music will continue to be a big part of your life. Girls, prepare yourself to make the greatest commitment to the band.

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