Thursday, July 28, 2011

A meaningful day at Sungai Bakap

Dad had an opportunity to preach in Sungai Bakap, Gospel Hall on 22.5.2011. We went to the church with grandparents around 9a.m.

Dad preached a sermon about God led Israel out of Egypt to Canaan. God led Israel with a pillar of cloud by day, and a pillar of fire by night.
After the worship service, we had a good fellowship with the sisters and brothers in the church. They are friendly and caring. One of the sister shared with us charcoal peanut from Taiwan. It was wrapped in the crunchy black coating.
At the first taste, dad and mom only noticed the peanut and never get the point for the black coating. It was a slight sweetness.
We had a nice chat with brothers and sisters. Special thanks to brother Sheng Jie for this special lunch.
What an amazing deep-fried pumpkin dish. Deep-frying method locks the moist, flavorful pumpkin inside a crispy outer coating. This dish is fantastic and unique.
A peasant food to go with lots of rice. Mom preferred lean pork than fatty pork. Fatty pork is too oily, thus not "healthy."We love mushrooms. That is why mushrooms become a must on our daily dish list.
Dad and mom also like this Thai style crispy fried fish. Deep fried crispy fish, topped with Thai sweet and sour sauce and vegetables.
We really love this simple Cantonese dish. It is very comforting. It transports dad and mom to our childhood. Sometimes we use dried or fresh shrimps, but whatever ingredients, the basic steamed egg is the same. It is light, healthy and above all, delicious.
There are various ways to prepare deep dried chicken; going from simple frying to complicated preparations. Those who love their chicken crispy will love this crunchy fried chicken.
Dad and mom heard lots about the great foods in Sungai Bakap. Visitors come to Sungai Bakap mainly for its reknown Chye Kueh at Soon Lee Restaurant.
Chai koay are served as part of the their dim sum choices. They have different type of chai koay. Chai koay with mangkuang inside or kuchai. They also have another type with pumpkin in it. They look very appetizing.

One of the highlight of their dim sum here are their stuffed crab dim sum. Two small crab shells stuffed with crab and pork meat are steamed in a plate. We will definitely recommend to others and come again for our next trip.
Girls, it was a happy and meaningful day for us. Thumb up for the fantastic food. Besides that, a good fellowship.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A warm dinner at at Four Season Tea Restaurant

We had our dinner with gu gu's family, bo bo and grandparents at Four Season Tea Restaurant on 9.6.2011. This restaurant is still remained as our favourite Chinese Restaurant in Penang. Our family always like to have our dinner here because the environment is comfortable and the place is clean as well. Due to the poor quality of pictures taken on previous visits, mom had no chance to post about this place until now.

Four Seasons Tea Houses( main outlet) is located at Trengganu Road, Penang. Four Seasons actually served nice food with reasonable price. They do keep update their menu as changing season. Their new dishes come out every few months.

Bo bo made orders. The waiter introduced some favourite dishes in the restaurant. Their service is efficient and quick.
Four Seasons Tea Restaurant also serve a free warm soup of the day for their customers before the serving of main dishes. What a good effort to attract customers.

One of the their signature dishes is the oyster noodles. In Chinese, we call it 蚝面. We like oyster noodles very much especially grandpa. It is the "must” dish that you should try it out if you like oyster. The noodle is fried with shrimps, fish fillet, and fried pork fat( bak poh in Hokkein)

Another signature dish is spring roll. In Chinese, we call 春卷. It is tasty if you dip it with special sauce which provided. We did not make this order tonight.

A huge pot of Claypot tofu. It has a lots of ingredients. Besides tofu, we could find leek, carrot, Chinese cabbage, mushrooms, onion and generous amount of roasted pork slices.
Runner Beans which fried in sambal dried prawns. Our family's favorite. The dried prawns sambal in chili paste adds on the extra goodness of this dish.

Silky smooth Tao Fu accompanied with enoki mushrooms and vegetables. The tofu is deep fried. Perfection with fragrant outer layer and smooth inside. Both of you like enoki mushroom so much.
A must try dish. The Mocha spare ribs. It is very well seasoned.

This curry prawns turn out real good with the distinct taste of curry. Great for those curry prawn lovers. It came steaming hot and goes superbly well with rice. The base is thick and flavorful.

The garlic fish is excellent. Served with plenty of fried garlic on top of the deep fried fish with their special sauce.
A favourite for the children. This belacan fried chicken are very crispy. Mom absolutely loves belacan fried chicken but too lazy to prepare them. Frying chicken means getting oil all over the kitchen. It takes time to clean up the oily surfaces.
Asparagus stir fry with prawns and some meat. The prawns are beautifully sweet and fresh tasting when accompany with the asparagus.
The flavor of onion and prawns with fried eggs tastes great without any other flavors.
Everyone was satisfied and we had a great dinner together. God made everything beautiful in His time.
After the great meal, we were haing durians in a fruit stall. There was few tables with benches that had been set up for groups to sit and eat in. We had a lot of durians which in a rich creamy yellow during this festival. We brought them from our student's parents. They were cheap and delicious.
On a full tummy, we gathered at our house. Bo Bo, gu zhan and dad had a great time with the Chinese Tea. We had chit-chatting along till midnight.Both of you had a happy time with Anthony,Justin and Samuel.

Thank the Lord for the precious moments of life. What a beautiful moment with grandparents, bo bo and gu gu's family.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Dinner at Clinic Cafe

We went to clinic cafe to have our dinner with po po on 10.7.2011. Do you have your meal at a clinic before? We went there even though without falling sick.

The Clinic Cafe is a themed restaurant which located in Gurney Plaza. Comfortable red soft cushions on the seats. The sofas have been reconstructed to look like hospital beds.

A new hospital inspired restaurant in Penang. The environment there was great.
The entrance to the clinic cafe is like an entrance to the real clinic. The restaurant is designed from top to bottom in a medical theme.

There is a front counter after entering the entrance which looks like a hospital's counters.

Theme restaurant is a trend in Malaysia. It is a themed restaurant with a hospital feel. Do you see that? Priscilla sat on a wheelchair. Some wheel chairs are placed just beside the door and they are being turned into dining chairs.
Beside the entrance is the Clinic Cafe Logo in a cross shape.We did not feel any strong smelling of medicine when we entered the Clinic Cafe. It was a cafe, not a medical supplies shop.

Could you see that? The walls covered with display frames of the human body functions posters.
Some medical instruments which are used by a doctor.

Some operation theatre lamps are above our head. Each dining table has its own operation theater lamps. An equipment that used in the medical field.

When we reached there during dinner time, there was only three tables dining. Pretty quiet.
Even the utensils are put in a steel kidney tray.

A surgery room where drinks are prepared for the diners.
A waitress who dressed like a nurse.

Do you like this cutey toy doctor and nurse? They are placed at the counter.

All the seats and even order chits are designed to remind us we are in the hospital. Order chits for customers to mark down their orders.
We were looking at the menu. Quite a number of choices to choose from. The price of food starts from RM7 and above, serving local oriental and some western food.

Lemon juice RM5.80. Drinks come in beakers and various shapes that we can find in a chemical lab.

Iced Lemon Tea with a few slices of fresh lemon which costs RM5.80.

Coke served in an icy cold beaker which costs RM3.80 only.
Lydia ordered Clinic Specialist which costs RM8.80.
Dad ordered Clinic Nasi Lemak which costs RM9.80.

Mom ordered Tom Yam Fried Rice which costs RM7.80. Will you lose your appetite while eating rice in a kidney bowl which is used during surgery? Our fried rice came with four crispy fried shrimps.

Chicken Cutlet which costs RM12.80. The specialty of this is the injection of the chili sauce. Priscilla likes this syringe filled sauces. The Chicken Cutlet is a deep frying chicken which is coated in bread crumbs, served with sweet corn, french fries and fresh vegetables with salad sauce dressing.

Po Po loves this Black Pepper Chicken Rice which costs RM13.80. Its taste is quite yummy. The flavor suited po po's taste bud. All of the food we ordered were served with generous amount of ingredients. The portion was quite large.
Our “medical report”. He he , a list of the food which we ordered.
We went there with Po Po to experience a different ambiance of dining. Penang is really a city of foodies paradise. Very sure it will come up with more and interesting restaurant ideas. The Clinic is unique, not just in Penang and Singapore, but all around the world. The pictures will speak for themselves.
The price was pretty reasonable for a theme restaurant in a shopping mall. Only a little too pricey for drinks. It is pretty interesting to have a clinic cafe in Gurney Plaza. If you are looking for something little different, this place would be a good choice for you.