Sunday, July 10, 2011

Reunion dinner at Q Garden Steamboat & BBQ

We had our reunion dinner at Q Garden Steamboat & BBQ this year. This restaurant is located along Jalan Paya Terubong in the vicinity of Air Itam. We decided to try it out since it is new.
We had our dinner with grandparents and bo bo on 2.2.2011.

The atmosphere here was pleasant. Mom loves this unique wooden decoration. Most of our chosen restaurants were either closed or fully booked on that day. We made a reservation at Q Garden steamboat one month before.

The hot pot above looks quite different from others.
Due to new opening, Q Garden Steamboat & BBQ was having a promotion priced on this festival. What an attractive pricing to its patrons. Adults RM 19.90, child RM 11.90 and senior citizen RM 9.90. The restaurant was crowded with people when we reached there.
There were wide variety of steamboat ingredients and seafood to choose from as well.

There wasn't much variety cooked food to choose.

A Clam dish. One of our greatest delights. We all love it except Lydia.
The entire decoration of this restaurant was bringing both comfortable and attractive feeling to the customers. It looks very clean and tidy. The service was pretty good.

Around the steamboat bowl, there are places for customer to fry their raw food. Put some butter before you fried. Dad and mom really love these pieces of chicken meat which nicely fried.

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts are low-fat. Mom loves these deep fried breast chicken. Once the frying pan is up to heat, the butter begins to brown, this means it is the time to add your chicken slices.
We ordered a can of Sea Asparagus which costed us about RM90++.

Sea asparagus is one of the most popular Chinese dishes.

Two hot pots attached to our table which was divided into two parts. One with the normal soup.

Another with Tom Yam soup.
Like father, like son. Do you agree?
No matter how much mom ate, there is always room for dessert. What a pity. Not much desserts here.
Steamboat is a great place for families. Grandparent like buffet steamboat very much.

Even though the choice of this restaurant was`pretty much limited but it was worth to pay a visit. An amazing cheap price compare to other steamboat restaurant. Furthermore, the fine woods created a comfortable and airy environment. If you are looking for a cheap and comfortable steamboat restaurant, it's a right place to go.


  1. Love steamboat, especially with bundles of friends and family! The place you dined in is reasonably cheap, with nice decor too!

    Hi, happy to know you, greeting from My Little Sprouts!

  2. Thanks Alice.Steamboat in the cool evening is fabulous! Hope you will have a wonderful "steamboat party" with your family one day.