Saturday, July 2, 2011

A wonderful Parent's Day on 14.5.2011

We went to church with po po and some students on 14.5.2011 in a lovely evening. We attended Parent's Day together. The atmosphere there was so friendly.

We were invited to participate in a cooking contest. This would be good for a cooking contest where chicken was the theme. Could you see that? Different chicken preparations or styles of cooking.
Sesame Chicken with ginger and mushroom which was prepared by po po, mom and both of you. With simple ingredients such as sesame oil, soya sauce, chicken, ginger and mushroom, easy and nutritious dish can be prepared. We enjoy this dish at home and serve with steamed white rice.
Barbeque pineapple chicken. The presentation was thoughtful.

Coffee Chicken which is something quite special for Malaysians.
It was a typical nyonya dish. An appetizer to be taken with rice.
These sausage chicken rolls were absolutely delicious. It was a great snack.

Looking for chicken salad recipes? It is always nice to try out someone's recipe or get some new ideas.
Food Contest was indeed good fun. All the dishes showed creativity and a good effort. The judges were tasting the dishes.
The winners of the food contest. A big thumbs up to them.
A good sharing by a sister in church. She told us God's Love is unconditional. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
Both of you and Xin Ai performed a dance which describes mother's love.
This dance was only practised a week before the performance. Three of you really lack of time to practice due to busy schedules. The song title is “妈妈的喜欢”.

Both of you and Xin Ai created a dancing style and moves by your own. Mom only gave some fresh ideas and advices. Girls, it was good to take part in the missionary work.
Children and Youth are very important in the music ministry. A song presentation from youth singing group.
Lydia played on a saxophone solo "He's changing me." He"s changing me. My precious Savior.I'm not the same person that I used to be. Sometimes it’s slow going. But there’s a knowing that one day perfect I will be. Girls, We changed by the presence and truth of God. The power of God work in every believer's life.
Children's choir was presenting a song about parent's love. What a good Children's song.
A big thumb up for teacher Pin Qing. She totally dedicated herself to missionary work. She led an exciting game. A game among parent and children. It was truly interesting in finding our parents's hand. Sometimes we are not able to recognize our parents's hands.

Variety of delicious dishes were prepared by sisters in church. We were having dinner together with popo, Xin Ai, Jin Wen and Feng Da. It was a wonderful night. Girls, we want to thank God everyday for the blessings He has given to us daily.We love because He first loved us.


  1. Wow, your girl is so talented, I'd think girl who plays saxophone awesomely cool!

    The spread of potluck were scrumptious too, love those little label, lol!

  2. Thanks Alice. My elder daughter has been playing saxophone in the school band for a couple of years.She loves it.

    Yup,potlucks is fun. A wide variety of food choices which fill up our stomach.