Friday, July 12, 2013

Blessed Thirteen, Priscilla

Dear Priscilla, you are going to turn into 13years old. Watching you grow up is like seeing a flower blooming in the springtime. We celebrated your 13th birthday on 24.3.2013.
Your 13th birthday deserves a celebration because you are entering your teenage years. Finally you decided to celebrate your special day in a homely restaurant-Cha is Tea.
We are very thankful to be a part of your family. Every new year in our life is indeed a blessing.
Your lovely classmates came along to celebrate with you. Girl, the smile on your face shines like the sun in dad and mom's life.
Veenis laid her head on your shoulder. She is our neighbour. One of your best friends. Veenis is smart and intelligent girl. She is very good in her studies and always stands 1st in the class.
Both Xin Yin and Vickie are your lovely friends.Three of you knew each other as friends for years. Xin Yin and Vickie work very hard on their studies. Dad and mom really proud of them. Priscilla, you should value your friendship by being a good friend as well.
Joamine is your forever friend. This friendship wouldn't end. It is good to meet up with Joamine . All of you had a nice chat. Joamine is just like any teenage girl, becomes taller and prettier.
We were so glad to meet up with Shirley Lim. A cute girl with a cheerful mood. She is our neighbour too. Shirley is not only an excellent student, but she is also delightful.
Both of you love music. God is so good. Music is a great way to express our gratitude and praise towards God.
While waiting for the food to arrive, it was time to chat.

Enjoyed dinner together.

Cha is Tea offers a wide range of Set Dinners. It consist of a soup of the day and drinks. 
Thoughtful gifts from friends. Every nice friend Is a gift of God. God puts them in our paths for a reason.
It was time to open presents. Girl, you were excited and can't wait to unwrap all the presents from friends.
Priscilla, you are a fan of Hello Kitty. You love this Hello Kitty Musical Jewelry Case very much. The kitty looks adorable and dances to the melody. You started collecting Hello Kitty stuff since you was in primary school.
Blessed thirteen, Priscilla. May God guide you through the year in every way. A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Life is a journey. When you became a Christian, you started to walk with Jesus. Walk with Him today and every day of your life. . Try to follow his footsteps in every situation.