Friday, July 31, 2009

Fun filled family day at Carnival Water Theme Park

The Carnival Water Theme Park is an affiliate of the Cinta Sayang Golf and Country Resort in Sungai Petani. It offers fun activities with coves, a bubble spa and water coaster rides for children and adults.It is a perfect place to have a fantastic and most memorable event that we shall never forget. What a fun-filled family day on 23.8.2007.
We spent a great time at the water theme park. A shallow pool designed especially for children with miniature slides. Waves turn “on” and “off” every 10 minutes for 10 minutes at a time allowing fun in the waves for play and surf.
Besides, we can ride in the flowing water of one open and one fully enclosed waterslide from a 10 meter tower into a splash down pool.
Girls, both of you loved every minute at the Water Theme Park. Laughed a lot and spent hours and hours floating around happily. Daddy took very good care of both of you.
Lydia and Priscilla, both of you are diamond in your father's eye's.
Food is available inside. It is not that bad or overpriced. We were having Malay Chicken Rice for lunch. The Malay chicken rice was acceptable. Our particularly well-loved rice dish is Hainanese chicken rice.
However, there was a nice place to sit down and enjoyed the views of Water Theme Park.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

What a good learning day

Lye Huat Garden is a small Chinese-styled garden, located just besides the toll expressway, after Jitra. It is privately owned but we call it an all-in-one place.
It has all kinds of stones, fake warrior statues, antiques gallery, mini zoo, mini museum, bonsai park, a few other interesting stuff and an extensive stone collection. They even have their own name for each of the rocks.

Lydia and Priscilla, one of the exhibits that greets visitors upon entry. These are bronze replicas of the terracota warriors. Each warrior is made from local terra cotta clay and were all painted.

The Terracotta soldiers were created for the Emperor Qin Shihuang.It is believed that the Emperor had these Terracotta Soldiers crafted to protect his tomb. What an amazing piece of world history.

Welcome to the home of quality antiques and fine art. The owner of the park has been able to get all this pieces of door frames with intricate carvings and transported them here. They're really works of art. The works of art in China present them as a mirror of Chinese society and culture.

Dad and mom like the collection of natural stones. Many of the stones collection is the landscape rock and the shape rock, they are all completely natural, no cut or any alteration.

The hard stone seems extremely beautifully. Natural stone is the great gift of God.

Girls, this was a great way to learn about Chinese culture, history and art on 13.10.2007.What a good learning day.

Beautiful day at Lye Huat Garden

Lye Huat Garden was developed since 1996 and was officially opened in year 1999. It is located at the northern region of Peninsular Malaysia in the state of Kedah.
Lye Huat Garden is being formed due to someone's favorite pastimes and he is non other than Mr. Lim Lye Huat J.P., B.K.M.

We visited the Lye Huat Garden, Kedah on 13.10.2008. It was our second visit. Both of you enjoyed feeding the fish at Lye Huat Stone Garden.
What amazed us was a large school of carps in the lake. We put a bit of bait down to get them on the feed. When we casting away some bread, many carps coming, bounced up off the bottom then took the food. They could eat quite fast.
Lydia and Priscilla, the carps have plenty of experience and the time to work out regular patterns to cope in dangerous situations. It is one of the hardest fighters and is probably the most intelligent of all freshwater fish.

The owner started the park over 10 years ago as a place for tea lovers. It was supposed to be a place where you can go sit and enjoy the beautiful scenery in the evenings and sip tea at the same time.
We chatted about the beautiful day and their beautiful garden.

Furthermore, the carp seems happy to feed on. We left some pretty memories here.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fun at Relau Metropolitan Park

Relau Metropolitan Park is located in Relau, somewhere middle-south of Penang. It is mostly for the people living near there to go for walks.
Every visit, both of you ran around the park, played slides, see-saw, horsy spring and swing.As a tutor to so many superaktive kids, dad and mom often look out for places where they can spend those energies, healthily and safely. A park with playground is the most ideal place. We went to Relau Metropolitan Park by car on 24.12.2007.
15 students had been selected to join this outing.
Just imagined 17 passengers included dad and mom in a Toyota Unser. Fifteen of you talked and laughed in the car. Complained a lot how uncomfortable for you to have friend sit on your lap during an hour journey.
Sun shone all day long, bright and hot. Fifteen of you played around the park.
Dad and mom first responsibility were the children's safety! We paid careful attention while you were playing. Lydia and Priscilla, it was easy to get physically and mentally exhausted.
Anyway, it was excellent to allow children freedom to learn outside the classroom.
The weather grew so hot that students started to seek the comfort of the indoors.

The weather grew so hot that students started to seek the comfort of the indoors. We found a shelter place and sat down. We had a delightful time shared together over some food. It was our special place to spend time together.
It was a fun day with a breath of fresh air and a whole lot of sweat.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Participated in Emcee camp

Both of you participated in Emcee camp for two days. The camp was organised by Kwong Wah Yit Poh and took place in a school hall.
Teacher Hong, a teacher will help you shape your artistic talents. She is a well-known educator of children in Malaysia.
These days she uses stories as teaching tools in her job as a educator. She amuses and amazes audiences with the variety of voices she employs in her stories. She is known for her high-energy performances.

The campers learned lots of new camp songs. The camp was full of activities.

Girls, a good emcee will be remembered by the audience. A great emcee makes sure that the audience remembers the event.

Lydia and Priscilla, both of you had a great time and put on such a wonderful performance, it made it all worthwhile. Weren't they great emcees? Yes, they are. Grandpa, grandmom, dad and mom came on 27.5.2007 for support. Campers have stage opportunity to present a fashion show, poem telling, presentation in the style of television news show and a skit.

Campers contributed their talents in this sunny afternoon. Parents are welcome to attend. Dad and mom enjoyed dancing and singing with the campers.
Both of you received the certificate and new red bag. You were so pleased with it. The dedication of all the camp staff to help make camp such a success.
After took a group photo, we went home with Kai Lin. She also joined the camp and took part in the fashion show. She is your classmate and best firend. 
Lydia and Priscilla, the best relationships come from strong and true friendships. That was the road you were on.
Girls, fun for two days but memories for a lifetime.

Monday, July 27, 2009

A visit to Paddy Museum

A visit to Paddy Muzium on 18.10.2008. The museum located just nearby Gunung Keriang.This place is known locally as Crystal Mountain because there is natural crystal excavated from the mountain.
Beside the painting, the museum showcases some facts about rice, history of paddy cultivation in the region and also traditional lifestyle and entertainment of the farmers.
The Paddy Museum is an important tourist attraction in Kedah as the state is known as the Rice Bowl state. We came for a visit with our students, Hui Qing and Xin Yi.
Girls, the painting is a nice piece of art work. Take a Look. What a good time when four of you played role as little farmers. Farm living was everything for this little farmers.
Dad and mom like this new look. Do both of you really farm in those funny costumes? My little farmer girl and boy were doing domestic works at that moment.
Four little farmers woke up with the sun and had a nice little farming adventure. You will learn that wherever you go, you can succeed with hard work.

Lydia and Priscilla, both of you enjoyed the new look. Dad and mom also couldn't stand the laugh with your new image. We hope that your child's life will be filled with laughter.

Happy farming, Lydia, Priscilla, Hui Qing and Xin Yi.