Saturday, July 18, 2009

On a mission to learn everything

God gave us hands for a reason, to do what he did, create. That is how he created us in his image.

We are the only species that creates just for the sake of creating, hence why we have art.

Both of you always had a passion for art. Remembered these two drawings date back a few years. Dad and mom like to view some of your previous works.

We took photos and put them up here. From your previous artworks, you drew mainly from observation. Lydia and Priscilla, both of you can try drawing from imagination as well.

Lydia and Priscilla, continue to improve your technique.

Remembered how your drew a cute looking happy flower smiley.

Each new drawing became a lesson. You learned something from each one you drew. It was so wonderful to be able to capture a person's personality and spirit on paper.

On a mission to learn everything, girls. Happy creating.

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