Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beautiful day at Lye Huat Garden

Lye Huat Garden was developed since 1996 and was officially opened in year 1999. It is located at the northern region of Peninsular Malaysia in the state of Kedah.
Lye Huat Garden is being formed due to someone's favorite pastimes and he is non other than Mr. Lim Lye Huat J.P., B.K.M.

We visited the Lye Huat Garden, Kedah on 13.10.2008. It was our second visit. Both of you enjoyed feeding the fish at Lye Huat Stone Garden.
What amazed us was a large school of carps in the lake. We put a bit of bait down to get them on the feed. When we casting away some bread, many carps coming, bounced up off the bottom then took the food. They could eat quite fast.
Lydia and Priscilla, the carps have plenty of experience and the time to work out regular patterns to cope in dangerous situations. It is one of the hardest fighters and is probably the most intelligent of all freshwater fish.

The owner started the park over 10 years ago as a place for tea lovers. It was supposed to be a place where you can go sit and enjoy the beautiful scenery in the evenings and sip tea at the same time.
We chatted about the beautiful day and their beautiful garden.

Furthermore, the carp seems happy to feed on. We left some pretty memories here.

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