Saturday, July 11, 2009

Discover and experience the living world.

Lydia and Priscilla, still remember the time when we visited The National Zoo on 6.6.08 with Anthony and your grandmom? The weather was sunny. We had a wonderful time at the zoo and learn a lot of things.

It was an educational place to visit especially for kids like you. We were welcome by a flock of milky storks. What an awesome sight it was to see the beautiful birds flocking all around the lake.

It was also nice that you were able to go to the zoo and see primates instead of just reading about them! Girls, we would like both of you to see them in person and observe their behavior. The monkeys were entertaining, almost never stopping to rest, always swinging around.

Girls, let us observe, discover and experience the living world. How do we make sense of over 1 million animal species? The zoo allows us to develop skills and concepts about our world and our responsibilities to it.

We stayed one night at your gu gu's house in Cheras. Both of you had a good relationship with your cousins. You felt good and warm. Thank God for the time we had together.

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