Monday, July 20, 2009

A trip to Taiping Zoo

A trip to Taiping Zoo with parents, students and teachers from sunday school GLGC. It was organised by teacher Pei En on 2005.

Several students from our Jireh Children's Home who joined the trip were Chong Zhe, Ze Xian, Shi Hwa, You Ting, Chun Song and his sister.

Taiping Zoo is the oldest zoological gardens in Malaysia. It had a wide variety of animals and they seem to be in pretty good condition, except for a few poor creatures.
We had to pay another RM3 for a train ride, but it was worth it. The little train took us around the whole zoo. The children all cheered and everyone was so happy.

After the visit, we had our lunch at Taiping Lake Gardens.The unforgettable sight here was the huge, ancient angsana trees with their drooping branches.

The gardens were a lovely place to wander around, or to paddle in the lake. In Taiping it rains a lot and very humid. You could be a little tiring if you're not used to humidity.

Anyway, it is because of the rain and humidity that the gardens are so lush and beautiful. We enjoyed the delicious and freshly lunch which prepared by Pei En's and Jin Fong's lovely mom. It was a very pleasant meal.

We sat on the grass to catch our breath,felt the wind and listened to the trees. We thanked God for the beautiful day and His wonderful creation. The flowers, trees and grass growing there reminded us of God's creation.

Mom shared the story of God and creation. Children, God created everything, but he created man in a very special way. He breathed his very breath into him and gave him life.

Children, all creation speaks to the glory of God. The natural world enlarges the human capacity to sense the fullness of God's beauty.Beauty's a gift of God.

Lydia and Priscilla, God creates every person different. Isn't it awesome that there are so many people in the world but no two just alike. Have you every tried to think of all of the things in nature that He created? Trees, the sky, rivers, lake, grass and that big beautiful ocean are some of the awesome things He made.

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