Monday, July 27, 2009

Enjoying our lok lok

Lok-Lok actually means boiling, its a way to describe boiling food on a satay stick in hot boiling water similar to steamboat.We planned to have Lok Lok for lunch at Padang Brown on 23.3.2008. Padang Brown hawker centre always full of crowds, especially during weekends and public holidays.

The Lok Lok boss was so happy, he quickly fixed a table and prepared the ingredients for us. Each table has it own pot of soup.There are variaty types of lok-lok. Look at the food-on-stick feast we had! Peanut sauce is a killing factor for satay celup. No matter how fresh the raw foods are, if the peanut sauce is not nicely blended, everything will be turned down.
Lydia and Priscilla, this was your first time having Lok Lok. Experience it yourselves.

Satay celup is cooked by dipping or dunking sticks of raw foods into boiling pot. You have given full flexibility and freedom to choose any type of foods, and only pay for what you have eaten. Both of you felt hot and sweating while enjoying your Lok Lok.At the Lok-Lok table, all the food available will be placed on the table, so there is not much space for other stuff. We ordered some other food from stalls around. Our table full of food.

Grandpa, grandmom, dad and mom like ais kacang so much.
When we finished eating, just passed the tail-coloured sticks to the Lok Lok boss. Foods are priced differently, according to the tail-coloured stick. Girls, food is our comfort zone—when we have a full tummy, we feel content. We went home happily with full stomachs.

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