Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dinner at 14th day of Chinese New Year

The 14th day of Chinese New Year, we were having our dinner at grandparents house. After the last orchestra performance at Queenbay Mall, we did some shopping. We went home at about 6p.m.
We had a tired Sunday, girls. After worship at church on 7.2.2009, we were travelling around the city. Kept rush here and there. We took some rest and drank some Chinese tea. It was very refreshing.
Mom and Kakak Siti made a very big pot of bobo chacha. It was our favourite dessert. We used sago, tapioca balls, pandan leaves, beans, sweet potatoes, rock sugar and purple yams. We prepared all the ingredients on Saturday. What a miss. We forgot to take a picture of this well-liked dessert.
We headed up to our grandparents house at 7.40p.m. Grandmom was an excellent cook. She prepared a lot of New Year dishes.
Dad arranged the different vegetables individually around the plate.
We made that a big plate Yu Sheng, the biggest plate we could find at home.
The delicacy consists of white radish and orange carrots, red and green-coloured ginger, beige sesame seeds and peanuts, golden yellow plum sauce and brown-coloured crackers.
We like this Chinese New Year dish very much.
Before eating the dish, all the ingredient in the plate was tossed as high as possible.
Our table was almost filled up with dishes.
What a big meal. Our tummy really full.
Dad and mom like pork hand with a touch of Chinese black vinegar. 
We also like the steamed fish with sour plum.

We thanked grandmom very much for her splendid dinner.
After dinner, we sat down and watched a tv program. We also chatted with grandmom. We said goodbye to grandparents at 11p.m.

Good night, grandparents. Many thanks for your kind invitation which we thoroughly enjoyed.