Friday, February 15, 2013

Having lunch at Purple Cane Tea House, Jalan Panggong

If you are looking for Chinese tea house around Petaling Street, Purple Cane Tea House is a right place. Chinese tea might sound like the most refreshing of drinks for a hot day.

 It is located at No 6, third Floor, Jalan Panggong,Kuala Lumpur. Their business hour is from 11a.m-7p.m. Daily. 

A great place to eat and chat with friends. We went there for lunch on 5.11.2012. Dad and mom usually come here for lunch when we are at Petaling Street 茨厂街. The tea house here offered a tranquil and relaxing environment. Set lunches here are reasonably priced during promotion. 
To get to Purple Cane, you need to walk up a flight of stairs from the entrance, before reaching the lift. Take the lift to the third floor and take off your shoes at the entrance.
The tea house one month ago. With atmosphere of Chinese New Year. What a joyous atmosphere in welcoming Chinese Lunar New Year.

The menu of the restaurant.
Snack-braised peanuts. It costs RM3.00. Nowadays, when you visit some of the Chinese restaurants, you would be served with braised peanuts These peanuts, normally boiled or simmered for eight hours to attain the perfect level of mushiness. Thumbs up for this yummy plate of goodies.
Crispy Black Pepper Chicken Chop Rice 香脆黑椒鸡扒饭. It costs RM13.90.
Crispy Cheese Chicken Chop Rice 香脆芝士鸡扒饭. It costs RM15.90.
Crispy Spring Roll Rice 香脆春卷饭. Highly recommended by a waitress. A bit disappointed. The food was not living up to what we expected. It costs RM11.90.
Another good try is Simmered Black Tea Giant Drumstick Rice 红茶扣鸡饭. It costs RM11.90. Tea is not only a refreshing, it is a wonderful ingredient in cooking food.
Set lunch included the main course, a drink, a small bowl of the soup and the dessert of the day. Top the pudding with petals of roses is a good idea. Rose tea has been a part of our life. Mom likes to place a pinch of rose petals into our tea and enjoys its wonderful taste. Rose tea is always better made with fresh rose petals.
A small bowl of soup.
Free drinks of the day.

Both of you really enjoyed the atmosphere of the tea house. Dad and mom hope that we can have many more pleasant memories together. Dad and mom love all the unique packaging ideas of Purple Cane. Purple Cane Tea House promotes not only tea-drinking but tries to educate its customers in the art and history of this many thousand-year-old tradition.

The interior design of Purple Cane is pleasing to our eyes especially the Ipoh branch.
We really enjoyed our afternoon and left with good memories. We look forward to our next trip to Purple Cane Tea House branch. Dad and mom love to explore our food journey with both of you. Mom thanks God for blessing me with such a loving family.