Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sungai Bakap Gospel Hall 101 Anniversary

We went to Sungai Bakap Gospel Hall on 28.8.2011 with grandparents to celebrate 101 anniversary. A church's anniversary can be a time of uniting to celebrate the growth of God's kingdom.
Brother Zhi Xin led the worship service. Our God is a mighty God indeed. Worthy of our praise and worship.

A brother shared about reborn in Jesus Christ. There was a man of the Pharisees named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews. 2 This man came to Jesus by night and said to Him, "Rabbi, we know that You are a teacher come from God; for no one can do these signs that You do unless God is with him."

3 Jesus answered and said to him, "Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God."
101 th Anniversary Cake Cutting Ceremony. For the past 100 years God had been leading the church. By the grace and mercy of God, the church had continued until this day.
After the worship service, church members gathered together for a luncheon at a local restaurant. We had a good time of fellowship with our brothers and sisters in church.
Pork knuckle braised in soya sauce. A must-try if you drop by in this restaurant. The meat is braised with flavours, soft and tender, soaking up the sauce while not being overwhelmingly salty.
Steamed chicken with chinese herbs. The chicken meat is very tender and tasty.
Teochew steamed fish with additional ingredients such as tomato which enhance the taste. No disappointment to this fish. It is extremely fresh.
Pumpkin with salted egg yolk. This lovely dish is a must to order. Pumpkin seldom comes into my eating list. But this dish changes my statement.
Dried shrimp with special shrimp sauce.

A colourful and healthy mixed vegetables.

One of our favorite hot weather refreshers. Healthy Chinese style bitter gourd soup. Bitter gourd soup is a great way to enjoy the bitterness of it in a pleasant way.

This hidden restaurant is only know by people who came here before. We were quite full after eating all this wonderful food. We had a wonderful lunch fellowship together. Girls, we thank our Almighty God for all of the countless blessings.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Food hunt at Chulia Street

We went for a food hunt with po po at Chulia street on 3.4.2011. Chulia Street is called Gu-kan-tang(牛干冬).It is derived from Malay words "Kandang Kerbau".

Chulia Street is no doubt a backpacker and travelers favourite must-visit place while holidaying in Penang. It is also street food heaven for the locals. There are various food varieties for everyone.It is a very busy street at night as well as in the morning.
Every Penangnite is proud of our varieties food.It is one of Penang's highly recommended wantan mee hawker stall. It is located at the heart of Chulia Street.When you are there, you should try this wan tan mee. The noodles are delicious and have a springy texture.
Their business is good and you can see the big pile of wantan noodle ready to be cooked. The stall is always pretty crowded with a long wait.

You can either order the thick noodle or the thin noodle. Price for small plate is RM2.50 and large plate is RM3.50.
Wantan mee is worth a try. Mom prefers the texture of the thin noodle. Yup, it is definitely one of the nicest wan tan mee in Penang. It tastes good with just right springy and chewy noodle.

Priscilla always like the noodles served in hot soup.
If you are planning for a place to have a refreshing drink late at night, do not hesitate to go to this place. A wide variety of fresh fruits drink. What a great place for your favourite fresh mixed-fruit juice. The costs of the fruit juices is not very expensive as they are between RM1.50 to RM2.00 only.
You can order any mix you dare to try. Fresh dragon juice. Dragon fruit makes excellent juice.

You can mix and match your choices of fruit and blend into juice. A mix of markisa and bananas.

Po po enjoy drinking freshly squeezed markisa fruit juices. One of our favourite juice too.

May be we can try out the nutmeg juice on our next trip.Penang is the home of fresh nutmeg juice.

A plate of char hor fun costs RM5.00. The noodles are full of wok hei (smoky flavour). The gravy is thick and flavourful. However, it is rather expensive for such a small portion.
A plate of yee fu mee also costs RM5.00. Yee Fu Mee is a stir fried noodles served with a thick sauce consisting of prawns, pork, char siew, eggs, liver and vegetables.
An apom stall run by an elderly husband-and-wife. The sweet pancake, cooked in a small wok, has a soft centre and is slightly crispy at the edges. RM0.50 perpiece. A real delight to the tastebuds. A must try.

Another sweet dessert you can try out when you are at Chulia Street. We like this apom very much. We bought 40 pieces of apom. Crispy texture on the sides and a soft chewy feel on the center. Really tasty. We often buy apom from this stall.

We were pretty full after having our street food hunting on Chulia Street. There are plenty of other food along this street that is worth mentioning. The Penang street food-hunt always resulted in some new discoveries.

We hope to come one day for the Hainan satay stall which situated on the outside of Sai Lam Coffee Shop. An old uncle is grilling skewers after skewers of pork meat. A very traditional satay. Very different from the usual Malay version of the same street food. Dad and mom love Hainan satay. Girls, mom really hope we have many more food adventures ahead.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dinner at Mount Erskine Hainan Western Food

We decided to try out Mount Erskine Hainan Western food on 24.7.2011. Hai Nan Western Food is located at the roadside along Mount Erskine. We arrived there in the evening. What a good place for cheap and yummy western food. This place had appeared in several local TV shows.

This restaurant also visited by Axian from "Taste with Jason". A famous local TV show highlighting food finds all over Malaysia.

Hainan Western packed in the crowd during the weekends. Sometimes patrons have to stand and grab the seats. It is advisable to reach there early or after 11 p.m to avoid long wait.
The food is incharged by different cooks. Anyway, the cooks here are very efficient. They serve food at a very fast rate.
This is the place where patrons take their orders.
They serve a large variety of cheap and delicious western food, like pork chop, chicken chop and lamb chop. As for western food lovers, you can try out at this place. It is recommended.
Deep-fried fish fillet, topped with Indian style curry is a dish which dad and mom want to try out next time.
A very special and tasty dish.
After waiting for 30 minutes, our food finally arrived. Priscilla ordered chicken chop with mouth-watering gravy. The gravy was thick and flavourful. RM 7.50 for this plate. What a large portion to fill stomach.

Chicken Maryland which ordered by Lydia. It comes out to be everything very dry. RM9 for a plate. Lydia likes it very much.
Dad ordered a plate of pork chop with lots of sauces. It costs RM7.50. The portion could be considered generous. The hainanese sauce has been modified to suit the Asian palate. Their home-made sauce goes very well with the food. Well fried with crispy on the outer layer and tastes soft in the inside.

Mom ordered Fish and Chips which costs RM7.50. Here could be the right place for fish and chips cravings. It taste as good as it looks. Mom We loves the tartar sauce. Tartar sauce is a must for fish and chips.

RM2.50 for a bowl of hot creamy mushroom soup. It tastes like canned mushroom soup with added ingredients such as mushroom slices.
A slice of toasted garlic bread costs RM2.50. The garlic bread was crispy and well eaten with a little dip in the mushroom soup.

It is one of our favourite street western food place as the price wise and the taste is pretty good. All the dishes above were priced not more than RM9. We only spent a total of RM41.50 for 4 people. Really reasonable, right? We will surely visit this place again for some mouth watering local style Western food.
We decide to have a try at Fettes Park Western Food on our next trip. The restaurant is located at Tanjung Tokong, beside the Fatty Loh restaurant.