Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kaoy Teow Soup at Dhoby Ghaut Cafe

If you choose to have Koay Teow soup for dinner, there are a couple more places that are equally good in Penang. Our family like to savour the Kaoy Teow Soup with home make fresh fish balls at Dhoby Ghaut Cafe. We always come here super late night. On 22.7.2011, we came back again for supper.
Dhoby Ghaut Cafe is located at Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah,Sungai Nibong, Pulau Pinang. One of the recommended stalls for nice food on late night.
It is always crowded at night. Their business hour is from 7pm-2am. It closes on Mondays. For those who are craving for a bowl of koay teow soup for supper, this is the right place to go.
A snap of the front stall.The stall workers were working non-stop for hours.
Duck Meat Koay Teow Soup. RM3.00 for small bowl. Very small portion. It is slightly expensive than the other koay teow soup. It comes with the usual ingredients like fish balls, chicken meat and coagulated duck's blood.We do not take coagulated duck's blood all the time.
The soup s cooked for three hours with duck and pork bones. The soup is clear and it tastes quite nice. It is good for those who would like something light.
Liver and pork balls soup which costs RM6.00. Their pig's liver is also done very nicely. Cooked for just the right amount of time.
You can order additional bean sprouts duck meat as side dish. The duck meat is not baked or deep-fried. It is steamed. Duck meat with bean sprout, RM5 onwards.You can choose RM8,RM10 or RM15.The duck meat is quite tender and while eating together with bean sprout. It taste juicier.
Even though the cafe is famous for it's Koay Teow Soup, but the curry mee is also not bad.White Curry Mee.
The soup comes with a spoon full of curry paste. The best thing about it is we can adjust the spiciness level to our liking. RM3.00 for small bowl. RM4.00 for big bowl.
Other than curry mee, you can also add other ingredients like fish balls, meat balls, fried chicken and many more. But, dad and mom still prefer original curry mee.
Chicken mushroom dry cintan mee. Both of you like it so much.It costs RM3.00. It is not oily with the aroma of mushrooms and some chicken slices on top.
You can really smell the fragrant and the aroma of the food from this seafood stall.
The fried sotong is crispy. It costs RM10.00. The fried sotong comes with thai sauce. This sauce goes extremely well with fried squid or sotong. Besides fried sotong, this seafood stalls also provide a lot dishes like spicy octopus, sweet and sour octopus. Have a try when you pay a visit.
Cockles at RM5.00 per plate.
This cafe was recommended by 8TV ” HO CHIAK” for their famous duck meat koay teow soup (粿条汤)and seafoods.
The owner of this cafe.He was originally located peddling duck meat koay teow thng and seafood dishes in a stall. His business flourishes and then he expended the business to this restaurant.With the support of the family members, it has grown into a successful business as well.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

A good time at Face To Face Noodles House, Penang Times Square

We planned for an outing to Times Square on 25.10.2011 with Joamine and Xiu Li. Both of you had a very busy schedule during this year. A lot of practice to deliver a great performance.Dad and mom really hope that you can have a relaxing time with friends.
We shopped around before having our dinner. We had such a good time together. Girls, true friendship multiplies the good in life.
Chinese paper-cut corner. Paper-cut is a visual art of Chinese handicrafts. It is easy to learn about cutting a piece of paper but very difficult to master it with perfection.

Beautiful root hand carved with Chinese characters on display. Dad and mom love Chinese traditional root crafts.
Inspired drawing on the spot.
Chinese goldfish painting. Goldfish has played a major role in Chinese culture and art. A wonderful Chinese work of art.
We decided to have our dinner at Face to Face noodles house.We heard about this restaurant a few months ago.It is definitely a comfortable and affortable dining place to go.
Face to Face Noodles House has one of its branches at the ground floor of Penang Times Square. A few shops away from Taiwan Kochabi.
A small outlet which specializes in noodles, more specifically Pan Mee or ‘Broad Noodles’ as they are flat and wide.The noodles are made daily. No preservatives are used.

The interior of the restaurant. You can choose to sit inside with air conditioner or outdoor.

Beautiful staircase to first floor.
Face to Face Noodle House extended their business by opening their 16th outlet at Penang Times Square. Their business hours: 11:30am to 9:30pm (daily).
What is the correct way of eating pan mee? Please look through the menu.
Romantic Chinese phrases. Mom loves it so much. "我们一直等待的这一刻,当我们面对面...."

As most modernize food outlets, orders are now done by the patrons themselves. Write down your order on a piece of order sheet. Then hand it to the waiter or waitress.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dinner at Yong Pin Dim Sun Restauurant

If you are looking for some of the best Penang's hawker food and snacks, do pay a visit to Cintra Street. A street which located in the heart of George Town, Penang.We went to Yong Pin Dim Sun restaurant for dinner with grandparents on 8.5.2010.It is one of the oldest dim sum restaurants which filled daily with regular customers. It is a typical Chinese dim sum restaurant.Price is very reasonable and food is decent.

Their business hour is from 6.00am -12.00pm, 7.00pm - 12.00am. It close on Monday. Although the varieties are not as many as those bigger dim sum restaurants, but there are quite a few of their dim sum worth trying out.
Dad and mom love their homely ambience. We chose a wide variety of dim sum.

Further down the road is a small stall selling pancake and steam rice cake. This stall sells the best ham chim pang and pak tong gao in Penang. Sometimes we buy ham chim pang here.
Dim Sum is the name of the Chinese cuisine involving a light meal served with Chinese tea. Dim Sum is always enjoyed with Chinese Tea.Do you agree?
Loh mai kai is literally translated as " chicken glutinous rice". It is our family's favourite dim sum.
Pork rib dim sum. A common Cantonese home dish that served as a dim sum. These succulent ribs can be served either as small bites or as a main dish.

Mouth watering egg custard filling indeed tempting. The crust of the skin is very crispy and the filling in it is very soft. Whatever it is, we know that the Chinese love their egg tarts.

One of our favourite dim sum dishes is steamed rice noodle rolls.

A visit to dim sum restaurants would not be complete if not try out the Hong Kong style Chee Cheong Fun with prawns. The tasty special soya sauce, fried onions and blended dried shrimp chili paste complimented each other well. We love the chee cheong fun at 点心之家, the cheapest dim sum restaurant at Penang.

A plate of slice century eggs with pickled ginger. Century eggs are popular among the Chinese as an appetizer served with pickled ginger.
Home made fish ball. Mom personally do not like this. It depends on individual taste.
Deep fried lo pak ko or reddish cake. The surface is crispy but the insides are a bit too soft. The taste is average. Reddish cake is one of our favourites and a must when we have dim sum meal.
This dim sum dish is very prettily presented. A dumpling shaped like a turnip. Both of you love it.
Siew Mai or pork meat dumplings. The tastes are quite traditional. Porky and slight sweetness.
Sticky rice wrapped in seaweed. A traditional dim sum which you seldom find in other restaurants.
Loh mai chi or steamed glutinous rice balls. Besides the soft and chewy texture , it also comes with a fragrant peanut filling. It looks fantastic.

The second in list of must have in dim sum is the har gow or prawn dumpling. It is good if the prawns are fresh and firm in texture.
Yam cake or orh kuih. They are rather firm and comes with thick chunks of yam and covered with crispy dried prawns. Looks yummy, right?
You cha Kueh with minced meat filled. It tastes sweet and goes along very well with the you cha kueh.
Thumbs up for these deep fried yam dumpling. They were served hot.
Recommended dim sum at Yong Pin Restaurant. The pan fried water chestnut cake 马蹄糕 is a dim sum classic. Its surface is crispy while the inside is slightly sticky and chewy. Bits of juicy water chestnut add refreshing sweetness. It is quite amazing.

Finally we left the restaurant with full stomach and satisfied with their dim sum.
Tai Thong restaurants is another old dim sum place in Penang. It is one of our all-time favorite dim sum restaurant. We always go there for dinner.
Crispy yam puff or wu kok. The dim sums here are freshly out of the kitchen. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

Tai Tong is actually famous for its crispy mee or sang mee. It is like a huge birdnest made of noodles. Thicky grave sauce like hor fun but it comes with crispy, noodle which has been deep fried.