Saturday, November 12, 2011

A good time at Face To Face Noodles House, Penang Times Square

We planned for an outing to Times Square on 25.10.2011 with Joamine and Xiu Li. Both of you had a very busy schedule during this year. A lot of practice to deliver a great performance.Dad and mom really hope that you can have a relaxing time with friends.
We shopped around before having our dinner. We had such a good time together. Girls, true friendship multiplies the good in life.
Chinese paper-cut corner. Paper-cut is a visual art of Chinese handicrafts. It is easy to learn about cutting a piece of paper but very difficult to master it with perfection.

Beautiful root hand carved with Chinese characters on display. Dad and mom love Chinese traditional root crafts.
Inspired drawing on the spot.
Chinese goldfish painting. Goldfish has played a major role in Chinese culture and art. A wonderful Chinese work of art.
We decided to have our dinner at Face to Face noodles house.We heard about this restaurant a few months ago.It is definitely a comfortable and affortable dining place to go.
Face to Face Noodles House has one of its branches at the ground floor of Penang Times Square. A few shops away from Taiwan Kochabi.
A small outlet which specializes in noodles, more specifically Pan Mee or ‘Broad Noodles’ as they are flat and wide.The noodles are made daily. No preservatives are used.

The interior of the restaurant. You can choose to sit inside with air conditioner or outdoor.

Beautiful staircase to first floor.
Face to Face Noodle House extended their business by opening their 16th outlet at Penang Times Square. Their business hours: 11:30am to 9:30pm (daily).
What is the correct way of eating pan mee? Please look through the menu.
Romantic Chinese phrases. Mom loves it so much. "我们一直等待的这一刻,当我们面对面...."

As most modernize food outlets, orders are now done by the patrons themselves. Write down your order on a piece of order sheet. Then hand it to the waiter or waitress.

There is a variety of chili's on the table for different kinds of noodle.

Besides the special homemade fried chili, there are four different types of chili and sambal to complement the different types of pan mee.

We highly recommend you to try their specialty home made chilli out. It is spicy and fragrant.
Type of noodles that you may choose. 4 types of noodles to choose from: Thin, Thick, Pinch and Mee Sua.
炸酱面noodles with chopped meat in fried bean sauce. It costs RM6.90. It is our all time favourite.

House Specialty Hot and Spicy Pan Mee, you can get it dry or with soup depending on your taste. Anyway , you may also choose your preferred type of noodles. It costs RM6.90. It comes with a large amount of clear soup, minced meat, meatballs, vegetables as well as fried fish cakes. The crunchy ikan bilis texture go wonderful with the noodle.

Each bowl of noodle comes with a small bowl of soup.

Traditional Sarawak Noodles. It costs RM6.90. It is more commonly known as "Kolok Mee". Quite similar to Wan Tan Noodles in Peninsular Malaysia. This Sarawak noodles has been selling for few generation in Miri.

Dumpling Soup Noodles. It only costs RM6.90. If you are looking for something soupy on that day, do try out this.

Dried Curry Pan Mee which comes with thin noodle. It costs RM7.50.
A side dish other. Meat Balls Soup. (10 pcs). It costs RM5.00.

Fried Garlic Chives Dumplings. It costs RM6.00.Other options include Chef's Special Fried Dumpling and Fried Kimchi Dumplings.

Another side dish. Chef's Special Dumpling Soup. It costs RM6.00. Five generous sized dumplings in a bowl of soup with vegetables. The dumplings are filled with minced meat, mushrooms, water chestnut and carrot.
Wheat toast Peanut butter. It costs RM 2.80.
3 Layer Wheat Grass. It costs RM5.00. It tastes very much like cendol.
3 Layer Caramel Honey Milk Tea. It costs RM5.00.
Mouth-watering desserts like Ice Kacang or a shaved ice with longan fruit.
Dad and mom could see true happiness in your eyes when all of you were together. Such a sweet memory that we will cherish forever. Girls, praise the Lord for He is always good. God gave us all the capacity to love and to be loved, to have special friendships.


  1. How fun! You always have such great pictures of the food especially. The crafts are very unique. You are right,friendships are so important.

  2. Yes, Bard,my hubby and I love the the history and meaning behind unique Chinese art. We enjoy going on food trips and make it memorable by sharing the experience on blog.

    Barb, I love reading about your great trip. It was an awesome experience.