Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dinner at Yong Pin Dim Sun Restauurant

If you are looking for some of the best Penang's hawker food and snacks, do pay a visit to Cintra Street. A street which located in the heart of George Town, Penang.We went to Yong Pin Dim Sun restaurant for dinner with grandparents on 8.5.2010.It is one of the oldest dim sum restaurants which filled daily with regular customers. It is a typical Chinese dim sum restaurant.Price is very reasonable and food is decent.

Their business hour is from 6.00am -12.00pm, 7.00pm - 12.00am. It close on Monday. Although the varieties are not as many as those bigger dim sum restaurants, but there are quite a few of their dim sum worth trying out.
Dad and mom love their homely ambience. We chose a wide variety of dim sum.

Further down the road is a small stall selling pancake and steam rice cake. This stall sells the best ham chim pang and pak tong gao in Penang. Sometimes we buy ham chim pang here.
Dim Sum is the name of the Chinese cuisine involving a light meal served with Chinese tea. Dim Sum is always enjoyed with Chinese Tea.Do you agree?
Loh mai kai is literally translated as " chicken glutinous rice". It is our family's favourite dim sum.
Pork rib dim sum. A common Cantonese home dish that served as a dim sum. These succulent ribs can be served either as small bites or as a main dish.

Mouth watering egg custard filling indeed tempting. The crust of the skin is very crispy and the filling in it is very soft. Whatever it is, we know that the Chinese love their egg tarts.

One of our favourite dim sum dishes is steamed rice noodle rolls.

A visit to dim sum restaurants would not be complete if not try out the Hong Kong style Chee Cheong Fun with prawns. The tasty special soya sauce, fried onions and blended dried shrimp chili paste complimented each other well. We love the chee cheong fun at 点心之家, the cheapest dim sum restaurant at Penang.

A plate of slice century eggs with pickled ginger. Century eggs are popular among the Chinese as an appetizer served with pickled ginger.
Home made fish ball. Mom personally do not like this. It depends on individual taste.
Deep fried lo pak ko or reddish cake. The surface is crispy but the insides are a bit too soft. The taste is average. Reddish cake is one of our favourites and a must when we have dim sum meal.
This dim sum dish is very prettily presented. A dumpling shaped like a turnip. Both of you love it.
Siew Mai or pork meat dumplings. The tastes are quite traditional. Porky and slight sweetness.
Sticky rice wrapped in seaweed. A traditional dim sum which you seldom find in other restaurants.
Loh mai chi or steamed glutinous rice balls. Besides the soft and chewy texture , it also comes with a fragrant peanut filling. It looks fantastic.

The second in list of must have in dim sum is the har gow or prawn dumpling. It is good if the prawns are fresh and firm in texture.
Yam cake or orh kuih. They are rather firm and comes with thick chunks of yam and covered with crispy dried prawns. Looks yummy, right?
You cha Kueh with minced meat filled. It tastes sweet and goes along very well with the you cha kueh.
Thumbs up for these deep fried yam dumpling. They were served hot.
Recommended dim sum at Yong Pin Restaurant. The pan fried water chestnut cake 马蹄糕 is a dim sum classic. Its surface is crispy while the inside is slightly sticky and chewy. Bits of juicy water chestnut add refreshing sweetness. It is quite amazing.

Finally we left the restaurant with full stomach and satisfied with their dim sum.
Tai Thong restaurants is another old dim sum place in Penang. It is one of our all-time favorite dim sum restaurant. We always go there for dinner.
Crispy yam puff or wu kok. The dim sums here are freshly out of the kitchen. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

Tai Tong is actually famous for its crispy mee or sang mee. It is like a huge birdnest made of noodles. Thicky grave sauce like hor fun but it comes with crispy, noodle which has been deep fried.


  1. It looks good. There are some dishes there I have never seen before but it all looks interesting.

  2. Dim sum refers to a type of Chinese meal that serves mostly bite-sized portions. Most dim sum places are in Chinatown. Dim Sum is more than food in China. It is a custom. Every Sunday,
    Cantonese families gather together to enjoy Dim Sum with Chinese tea.