Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kaoy Teow Soup at Dhoby Ghaut Cafe

If you choose to have Koay Teow soup for dinner, there are a couple more places that are equally good in Penang. Our family like to savour the Kaoy Teow Soup with home make fresh fish balls at Dhoby Ghaut Cafe. We always come here super late night. On 22.7.2011, we came back again for supper.
Dhoby Ghaut Cafe is located at Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah,Sungai Nibong, Pulau Pinang. One of the recommended stalls for nice food on late night.
It is always crowded at night. Their business hour is from 7pm-2am. It closes on Mondays. For those who are craving for a bowl of koay teow soup for supper, this is the right place to go.
A snap of the front stall.The stall workers were working non-stop for hours.
Duck Meat Koay Teow Soup. RM3.00 for small bowl. Very small portion. It is slightly expensive than the other koay teow soup. It comes with the usual ingredients like fish balls, chicken meat and coagulated duck's blood.We do not take coagulated duck's blood all the time.
The soup s cooked for three hours with duck and pork bones. The soup is clear and it tastes quite nice. It is good for those who would like something light.
Liver and pork balls soup which costs RM6.00. Their pig's liver is also done very nicely. Cooked for just the right amount of time.
You can order additional bean sprouts duck meat as side dish. The duck meat is not baked or deep-fried. It is steamed. Duck meat with bean sprout, RM5 onwards.You can choose RM8,RM10 or RM15.The duck meat is quite tender and while eating together with bean sprout. It taste juicier.
Even though the cafe is famous for it's Koay Teow Soup, but the curry mee is also not bad.White Curry Mee.
The soup comes with a spoon full of curry paste. The best thing about it is we can adjust the spiciness level to our liking. RM3.00 for small bowl. RM4.00 for big bowl.
Other than curry mee, you can also add other ingredients like fish balls, meat balls, fried chicken and many more. But, dad and mom still prefer original curry mee.
Chicken mushroom dry cintan mee. Both of you like it so much.It costs RM3.00. It is not oily with the aroma of mushrooms and some chicken slices on top.
You can really smell the fragrant and the aroma of the food from this seafood stall.
The fried sotong is crispy. It costs RM10.00. The fried sotong comes with thai sauce. This sauce goes extremely well with fried squid or sotong. Besides fried sotong, this seafood stalls also provide a lot dishes like spicy octopus, sweet and sour octopus. Have a try when you pay a visit.
Cockles at RM5.00 per plate.
This cafe was recommended by 8TV ” HO CHIAK” for their famous duck meat koay teow soup (粿条汤)and seafoods.
The owner of this cafe.He was originally located peddling duck meat koay teow thng and seafood dishes in a stall. His business flourishes and then he expended the business to this restaurant.With the support of the family members, it has grown into a successful business as well.

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