Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hello Malacca, we come again

After a long drive, we reached Malacca at 5pm on 13.9.2014. Malacca is one of the historical states that dad and mom really love. Before visited Hello Kittytown and Legoland in Johor,we dropped by Malacca to say hello. Dad and mom love heritage buildings, food, antiques and handicrafts in Malacca.
We took some funny photos after checked in. Both of you like to come up with some ideas while taking photo. "Oh, no, please don't bully me," a man shouted. Two girls and one woman bullied a man. What a pity man.
Before having our dinner, we captured some photos. Do you love our floral printed dress?
Some pretty views along our way to the restaurant. We walked along the road and took some photos.
We were having our dinner at Famosa Chicken Rice Ball Restaurant. Our tummies were screaming for food after a long journey.
It is located along the Jonker Street. This restaurant has an eye-catching red.
Emperor Chair inside the restaurant.
The restaurant provides a comfortable dining experience with high ceilings and fans to ensure good ventilation.
Chicken Rice Balls are basically Hainanese Chicken served with balls of chicken rice. Rice cooked in chicken stock then rolled into balls. Chicken Rice Ball priced at RM1.20 each. Chicken Rice Balls are apparently a delicacy in Malacca. The rice itself is best taken with pounded chill sauce.If you are in Malacca, try it out.
However, dad and mom still prefer the normal bowl of chicken rice rather than chicken rice ball.
Half Steam Chicken. It costs RM 18.00.
Steam Otak-Otak. It costs RM12.00. This dish is just average. Menu display was generally attractive but the food portions are very small.
Braise Eggs. It costs RM3.00.
Towfu Soup. It costs RM8.00. It is one of our favourite home-cooked dishes.
The chicken and the rest of the food was nothing special to shout about. The bill for four people came to RM48.20.
There is also a picture gallery within the restaurant for one to reminisce the historical of Malacca. A traditional Chinese restaurant atmosphere.
Traditional Chinese wedding decoration was displayed on upstairs of the restaurant. Do you love our floral look? Girls, in the Chinese culture, at age 12 girls were no longer allowed to go to school.They were kept out of sight at home and taught how to manage household.
Dad and mom love the interior design of the restaurant. Entering the restaurant was like stepping back to China's Ming Dynasty .
After dinner, we took a stroll at Jonker Walk. The best possible way to enjoy visiting Jonker Street would be to walk around. We enjoyed the unique night scenery here. Girls, mom would like to thank God for sending dad into my life. He is a wonderful daddy and husband. Girls, every day we stay together is a blessing.
Girls, let's say good night to Malacca. After one night stay in Malacca, we continued our journey to Johor.