Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Loads of fun on Game Day

Both of you had loads of fun on Game Day at Bukit Dumbar. We arrived there around 8.30a.m on 10.7.2010.
We took a group photo with the church members and children. Do we look energetic in this morning?
How good it is to sing praises to our God. All of you gathered around and sang songs of praise.
Girls, let us rejoice and be glad. Let us praise His greatness. Dear Lord, Let your name be forever praised.
Players were divided into four groups. The first game was really funny. With a mouth full of biscuits, player need to greet others by saying“Jesus loves you". Ha Ha. Xin Ai just joined "Joy Kids" activities recently. Hope she will rejoice in the hope of the glory of God one day.
Two players learned to cooperate by carrying a box and move forward. Wei Chong enjoyed this game a lot. This boy need some strong support behind him. Let us give him a caring heart.
Jin Wen tried his very best to move every step. Keep it up, Jin Wen. Girls, our lives are filled with many mountains and valleys. Whether from the mountaintop or the end of the valley, our God will be with us each step of the way.
How's hard to push the tyre forward. The first player to arrive at the final destination will be declared the winner.
Oh, the tyre lost its balance. Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again, Priscilla.
Some players continued to play soccer and the others took a rest.
Kai Cheng was awaiting his turn to kick the ball. He is a smart boy in our tuition class.
Both of you in a team which named Spain. Teams were named according to the soccer countries. Every four years, soccer teams around the world compete for the World Cup.

Some children performed a large variety of tricks with the Chinese yo-yo in Bukit Dumbar. The Chinese yo-yo is a toy from China. It is kept spinning on a string tied to two sticks at its ends. Each stick is held in one hand.

Since the Ming Dynasty, children and adults have played with Chinese yo-yo. It is used as a performance tool in juggling. It was good to introduce both of you to Chinese culture with games and toys on this fun day.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Reunion dinner at Jade Palace Seafood Restaurant

We had our reunion dinner at Jade Palace Seafood Restaurant at 6.20p.m. It located at Abu Siti Lane. Dad booked a table for twelve few weeks ago. Many famous restaurants in Penang being fully booked during this special occasion.
Can you see that? Beautiful picture of grandparents and granchildren. Memorable moment of our life on 13.2.2010.
With a warm smile, bo bo took a photo with the kids. What a good news. Bo bo back to attend worship service in out station. Hope he continues to keep his faith in God.
Do grandfather and bo bo look alike?

Gu gu's and family also joined our reunion. Gu gu has three lovely sons.
The waiter arranged all the ingredients on a round plate.

Girls, eating Yu Sheng during Chinese New Year is a cultural activity for Chinese. In a ceremony known as “lo hei”, families gather around the table.
When all the ingredients had been piled on the plate, then everyone of us proceed to toss the shredded ingredients into the air with chopsticks.

What a tasty looking piggy. Both of you like crispy skin of the roasted piggy.
Shark fin soup is a popular delicacy in China, and is eaten in Chinese restaurants around the world.
Deep-fried prawns, one of your dad's favorite dishes.
Chinese cooks use various kinds of mushrooms in their daily cooking. This is one of the main course for Chinese New Year.
This plate of noodles was not delicious. We were a bit disappointed by this dish just because of its taste.

Sweet and flavorful pumpkin soup served with pau. Mom really love this dessert. We left with smiles and a few extra inches of waistline after the dinner.

Looked like grandpa and grandmom enjoyed their dinner. Lydia and Priscilla, always keep grandparents in your prayers. Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. Dad and mom were pleased that pray before bedtime becomes your regular pratice. Walking in the presence of God everyday, my girls.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A date with Eden charity food fair

Eden Handicap Service Centre, a non-profit organisation was organising its annual Charity Food Fair, targetting to raise RM200,000.00 for the Centre's operation fund.
Everyone showed their support in a meaningful way. We reached PISA on 15.5.2010 in the afternoon. We supported this meaningful event by buying coupons. We attended the food fair for years.
Wow,it was crowded! Food Fair is a great place to stop for a quick meal. There were many stalls selling different food. White tents were set up and they looked nice.
We had our lunch here. We were looking for something really special . A pancake which top with a scoop of ice cream and canned mixed fruit.
A very quick healthy and wholesome breakfast. It looked yummy and we were sure it tasted yummy too. We loved the food decoration as well.
Take your time and enjoy your meal, girls.

Sister Xuan Yun was busy selling souvenirs and handicrafts at the stall. She enjoys the fun of making handicraft. Dad and mom like her artwork very much.
Beautiful mini flowers bunch are handcraft from bread clay by high-skilled craftsmanship.

Do you like these handcrafted clay pink rose ?
Lydia and Priscilla, clay art encourages us to build and develop our confidence in our own creative abilities through hands-on. Beautiful handmade hairclip clay from auntie Xuan Yun.

A delightful present for family and friends. Both of you learned to make your own keychains from auntie Xuan Yun before.

This is a fun and creative craft for school-aged children.
One of the stalls which selling handicrafts and souvenirs.
We continue with our food craving. Sausage with a cheese filling. Mom doesn't like sausage.
Both of you couldn't wait to try this out. Street food is a great way to experience a bit of the local culture when you're on the move. Anyway, girls, limit fat intake by avoiding deep-fried foods and choosing healthier cooking.
Dad and mom met up with old friend, Xiao Xia. She was good at type setting. We proud of our disabled friend. God made each and every one of us and knows our individual limitations. He will expect from each of us those things that He knows we are capable of doing.
We also met Tat Aik at the food fair. He is in charge of the recycling program in Eden Handicap Service Centre. Mom always keeps the recycled items for him those days.

Lydia and Priscilla, all of us fall short of glory of God. Sin is the greatest disability known to mankind. There is only one perfect human, Jesus Christ. All else on earth are "disabled" compared to Him.

Mr Bertie Tye, the General Manager of Eden Handicap Service Centre Berhad was greeting with mom. Bertie dedicated himself to a life-long battle for disabled friends. Let's give him a clap.

Madeline is a good companion, helper and assistant to Bertie Tye. She was made to be her husband's unique helper.

Girls, please give you hand for friendship to handicapped friends. Always remember the sick, and disabled in your prayers. The Gospel itself is indeed the good news we can share with our disabled friends. Whether disabled or able, we are all precious in His sight.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The life "in Christ" is wonderful

Both of you kept on practicing in church before the dance performance on 25.12.2010. Few nights of hardworks. We were glad that Xin Ai joined the dancing group. Xin Ai is an excellent dancer.

Missionary work takes plenty of time and we need to dedicate our life in it. Felicia experienced and dedicated to the dancing. She dedicated a lot of time and energy in teaching three of you how to dance well.
When dad and mom reached the church around 8p.m, three song leaders led us some songs to praise God. They never missed out some favorite Christmas songs.
Four of you performed a welcome dance. A dance which welcome all the guests. The rhythms of the dance really touched our hearts.
Dad and mom loved the graceful moves of this dance. The name of this dance was King of Majesty. I have one desire. Just to be with You my Lord. Just to be with You my Lord Jesus, You are the Saviour of my soul. And forever and ever I'll give my praises to You.

Tambourines, worship flags and banners are all part of Christian and Jewish worship. Girls, raise your hands with tambourines over your heads. Shake your tambourine as you swing around. What a graceful dance. A thumbs up to all of you.
Xin Ai's brother took part in another performance. Let us rise together as Christ's army. Children, we need to spread the Word of God and be Heralds of Christ.
A good sharing by pastor on this special occasion. Jesus came to give us an abundant life. Girls,when Jesus enters into our life, He transforms everything, and everything becomes wonderful. 

What a creative recycled fashion show. Each participant made a costume of their choice using plastic bags, newpapers or any objects of furnishing materials.

Three winners received a hamper each. Sound that they were so delighted. Girls, using recycled materials is a great way to awake us about our responsibility to the earth as well.

Both of you really had a great time with Xin Ai and enjoyed a lot on 25.12.2011. Jin Wen and Fen Da also attended this Christmas gospel meeting with us. It was Christmas. We were here to celebrate with great joy the good news that God has given us His Son.
Christmas is a great time to share the gospel with family and friends. Lydia and Priscilla, sharing the gospel is simply telling the story of Jesus; who He is, what He's done, and how we can be in relationship with the Father through Him.
Lydia and Priscilla, God loves us and offers a wonderful plan for our life. The Life in Christ indeed wonderful.