Sunday, January 2, 2011

The life "in Christ" is wonderful

Both of you kept on practicing in church before the dance performance on 25.12.2010. Few nights of hardworks. We were glad that Xin Ai joined the dancing group. Xin Ai is an excellent dancer.

Missionary work takes plenty of time and we need to dedicate our life in it. Felicia experienced and dedicated to the dancing. She dedicated a lot of time and energy in teaching three of you how to dance well.
When dad and mom reached the church around 8p.m, three song leaders led us some songs to praise God. They never missed out some favorite Christmas songs.
Four of you performed a welcome dance. A dance which welcome all the guests. The rhythms of the dance really touched our hearts.
Dad and mom loved the graceful moves of this dance. The name of this dance was King of Majesty. I have one desire. Just to be with You my Lord. Just to be with You my Lord Jesus, You are the Saviour of my soul. And forever and ever I'll give my praises to You.

Tambourines, worship flags and banners are all part of Christian and Jewish worship. Girls, raise your hands with tambourines over your heads. Shake your tambourine as you swing around. What a graceful dance. A thumbs up to all of you.
Xin Ai's brother took part in another performance. Let us rise together as Christ's army. Children, we need to spread the Word of God and be Heralds of Christ.
A good sharing by pastor on this special occasion. Jesus came to give us an abundant life. Girls,when Jesus enters into our life, He transforms everything, and everything becomes wonderful. 

What a creative recycled fashion show. Each participant made a costume of their choice using plastic bags, newpapers or any objects of furnishing materials.

Three winners received a hamper each. Sound that they were so delighted. Girls, using recycled materials is a great way to awake us about our responsibility to the earth as well.

Both of you really had a great time with Xin Ai and enjoyed a lot on 25.12.2011. Jin Wen and Fen Da also attended this Christmas gospel meeting with us. It was Christmas. We were here to celebrate with great joy the good news that God has given us His Son.
Christmas is a great time to share the gospel with family and friends. Lydia and Priscilla, sharing the gospel is simply telling the story of Jesus; who He is, what He's done, and how we can be in relationship with the Father through Him.
Lydia and Priscilla, God loves us and offers a wonderful plan for our life. The Life in Christ indeed wonderful.

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