Sunday, June 26, 2011

Recall a memorable time at Prajna Tea Centre

Some pictures remain in our memories as the most beautiful and unforgettable images. Due to recalling some great memories and looking for some unique vases, dad and mom decided to have our dinner at a tea centre on 11.6.2011. This was such a fun and memorable place to have dinner.
Tea is not just a drink in China, but a way of life. Prajna Tea Centre is a good place to get a glimpse into Chinese tea culture. We had an enjoyable time here when both of you were still a little girl. The food was very well priced and we left full during our visit. Drinking tea is an essential part of experiencing China. Dad and mom love this artistic style of drinking Chinese tea.
Do you like oriental interior design especially in Chinese style? We enjoyed the peace and quiet environment here.
This tea house is located in Sejati Indah, Sungai Petani, Kedah. We really love to visit here even though it is further away from our house. We feel comfortable having our meals in the quiet environment. A journey from Penang to Sungai Petani takes about half an hour.
Please take a look through the menu. The food is excellent with reasonable prices. Wow, the menu looks big. The largest menu I have ever seen.
How exciting for you both. Both of you had a nice chat with each other. A memorable place that registered in your mind no matter how long ago or how far away.
We liked those deep-fried mantous which costs RM2.50. Chinese steamed mantou or in Chinese we called 馒头 is a kind of steamed bread bun originating from China. Nowadays, these kind of mantous are easily available in frozen type from supermarkets. They also served deep-fried or steamed in Chinese Dim Sum restaurants.
A home style dish which called "Ru Dou Gan" in Chinese. It costs RM3.00. Definitely is a comfort food. We have our favourite tofu dish, like Mapo Tofu, Claypot Tofu, Steamed Tofu and Fried Tofu. This dish above is simple and easy to prepare.
This dessert is best enjoyed during warmer weather. It only costs RM2.50. It is best served chilled.
Chinese sago dessert with coconut milk and mixed fruit which also costs RM2.50. Both of you couldn't wait to try it. It is very true that we love dessert.
Dad ordered black pepper chicken with rice. The price is RM5.90. The colour combination looked good. The portion was fair.
Lydia ordered Mushroom Mee which only costs RM4.50. This is a very healthy meal which represents a traditional Chinese way of cooking. Chinese medicinal herbs and mushrooms were added for a rich and earthy flavour.
Shredded chicken mee which ordered by Priscilla. It only costs RM4.00. The waitress served it right from the stove. It was still bubbling when it was delivered to our table. This dish was quite good to say. We always have our Shredded Chicken Porridge at home. The usual condiments are ginger, chopped spring onions and fried shallots. Just add a drop or two of sesame oil and you will get a homely tasting porridge.
There is an appetizer worth mentioning. 'Deep Fried Zhai Ngor' (Vegetarian Goose) which costs RM2.50. We will definitely order it on our next visit.
Mom ordered Zha Jiang Mee. This noodle is our favourite food. Zha Jiang Mee is a northern Chinese dish consisting of noodles topped with a mixture of ground pork stir-fried with Zha jiang (炸酱). It only costs RM4.50.
Girls, close your eyes, and think back to the most memorable time you can recall. It is true that time flies but memories stay forever. We thank God for the gift of memory. It was truly a night to remember - a gift from God.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Wonderful Father's Day at Kim Gary Restaurant

Dad and mom had been discussing where to celebrate Father's Day after worship. Finally we decided to have our lunch at Kim Gary Restaurant on 18.6.2011.

Kim Gary Restaurant is a Hong Kong-style eating outlet. It has a chain of restaurants around Asia. They have not only Hong Kong style food nowadays, in fact Spanish, Korean, Japanese style food also.

We applied for a member card. RM15 for life. There are a couple of free coupons that comes with the card. You can choose either orange or black colour for the member card. Mom prefered black. They give us lots of coupon throughout the year. With the member card and the coupon, we can redeem 1 free gift every month when we pay a visit to Kim Gary.
It was pretty crowded. A big clap to the service crew. They managed to have everything under control. They were so considerate of elder people. They took out two chairs from the restaurant. Grandparents had comfortable chairs to sit. Granpa was unable to stand for long periods of time.

The restaurant is always packed especially during lunch hour, high-tea, late evening tea, dinner time and even supper. Could you see that? The crowd started building up. We had to queue up for our seat.
We chose Frist Avenue Kim Gary as our choice for lunch because we like the environment here. Purple and black are a great combination. Besides that, we hope that we can introduce this new shopping mall to grandparents. This was their first visit. 1st Avenue shopping mall is one of our favourite places to shop around recently.
This restaurant offers a wider variety of set meals during lunch hour. Different types of rice and noodles. We ordered a set lunch each from the extensive menu. For every set of meal, drinks and soups are included. We get to choose from a list of drinks, some might charge extra. There are only two options of soup, borsch soup or cream soup.
Once we took a seat, we were immediately served. The serving of food was quite fast despite the huge crowd in the restaurant. Grandpa chose Set D. Steack in black pepper sauce served with rice. Lydia perfered set D. Hot and Spicy Chicken Chop served with rice.

Grandma and mom perfered a small mug of savoury borsch. It was sourly tomato soup.

Grandpa, dad and both of you perfered cream soup. Mixture of western and asian style set lunch. The creamy sauce is more of a western choice, but the rice makes it oriental.Western-style eating patterns have become more common in Asia.What a mix of both Western and Asian eating culture nowadays.

Grandmom ordered E-Mix set ML. We could not snap the picture because our camera was suddenly out of batteries. The photo above mom uploaded from internet.
Hot stone grill rice.Breaking the tradition of serving Hong Kong Style dishes, they now introduce this Korean Style dish. This korean dish is call “bibimbap”. When it was served to our table, we found this hot pot rice so aromatic. The pot was very hot and never let your fingers touch it unless you want yourself to get burned. It costs RM17.90.

Mom ordered a famous set of Cheese Baked Rice. It was served in a Dim Sum basket and the presentation was excellent. The portion was pretty big as well. This set of Cheese Baked Rice consists of the main cheese baked rice dish, soup, dessert and drink. This set of lunch costs RM17.90. Overall, the price was just average.

A plate of Prawn Seafood Cheese Baked Rice with double cheese which ordered by Priscilla. Strongly recommended by dad and mom. The ingredients served were generous, with mussels, squids, prawns and fish cakes. Any purchase of that order, with an additional Rm3, we are entitle for one drink, one soup and also one dessert.The set only costs RM21.90. Anyway, its quantity was too much for Priscilla.
A yummy and refreshing drink. This drink has a beautiful Chinese name" 热带雨林”. We had to add RM1.00 for the drinks because it's a premium drink on the menu. The drinks which served free were Chinese Tea, Green Tea and Hong Kong Style Tea. Other than that, it will be charged RM1.00 extra.
Dad ordered a cup of hot ying yong. Ying yong simply means white coffee with tea.You can have it either hot or cold according to your preference. A marriage between coffee and milk tea. It was advisable to order a cold one on our next visit.
Lemon and coke served in a jug.
Mom love Japanese-style green tea as well.

The dessert looks similar like 'Tau Foo Fah' .

Kim Gary does serve one of the best French Toast in town. It is served hot and fresh from the stove.Grandpa enjoyed French toast very much. It costs RM4.90. Meanwhile, Kim Gary also provide a wide range of snacks.

We also tried "peanut butter sandwich" which only cost RM4.30. A half cm deep hole was dug out of the top of the bread and filled in with peanut butter. Everything was smoothed over and condensed milk is drizzled over.
Seeing a happy smile on grandma's face, we knew that grandma enjoyed her lunch here. So did grandpa. Happy Father's Day, grand pa. Mom also miss my dad in heaven very much. He meant so much to me and shaped my life in so many positive ways. "Gong gong" presence will always be felt.
We had a wonderful Father Day's in Kim Gary restaurant. It's totally a very big portion. It was a very heavy meal for us. Our tummies were about to burst. The love, the togetherness, the food fully content in our heart. After lunch, we decided to visit a relative who was sick.

Girls, we will probably be back again on dad's big day. Both of you are blessed to have such a great dad. God blessed us and He had given us such wonderful moments to remember and to treasure.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Great Family time at Felda Residence Hot Springs

From the North-South Expressway , exit at Sungkai toll exit. Sungkai is between Slim River and Bidor. From there, we found a signboards leading to Felda Residence Hot Springs. About 20 minutes from the toll exit.

FELDA runs estates, palm trees plantation projects in Malaysia.
Felda Residence Hot Springs is in the middle of a oil palm plantation. The route passes through the Felda Sungai Klah which is a small town surrounded by the thick oil palm estate. It was pretty quiet.
Sungkai hot spring is located in the FELDA area, Sungkai, Perak in Malaysia.

We arrived at the resort around 3p.m on 4.6.2011. The journey took about two and half hour to arrive.
A modern chalet style rooms. This place is ideal for a short getaway from the hustle of city life.
In Sungkai hot spring park, we can try the public pools.
It would be a good idea if we just took a seat by the pool and dipped our feet into the hot spring water.
Both of you couldnt suit yourselves with the hot water at the beginning. Your feet got in and ran out from the pool. After got used to the temperature, both of you dipped your feet into the water.

Dad dipped his tired feet into this hot pool.

The temperature is around 42-50 degree Celsius.
Do you see this sign board? Please read the instruction to determine how long you need to boil your egg. It only takes about 3 minutes to make an egg into half boiled and 7 minutes to fully boil the egg.
Wow, hot, the egg-boiling area's water temperature went up till 100 degree Celsius.
We can purchase eggs from the stall here. 5 eggs for RM2, 30 eggs for RM12. We bought eggs from the stall nearby and dipped them into a pool of boiling hot water. The eggs were ready to be eaten in seven minutes.

Wow, the eggs were more tastier and springy. It meant to us because the eggs were cooked by mother nature's hot spring water.
Do you want to taste this natural hot spring boiled egg?
If you are looking a unique hot spring park, FELDA hot spring is the right place for you. The entire park was build on the natural hot springs. Many believed that the healing power of the hot spring can detoxify toxic from our body.

The hot spring just like a big spa. It gets its source of heat from the underground. We were enjoying our dip in the hot spring. We went through the unusual experience of being in an open natural sauna. The temperature is maintained at 30°C to 40°C.
After the hot and warm shower, it was good to have a splash of cold water.

Besides that, we also had fun in the cold water park. The water comes from a natural water source nearby. It was cold.
It was great to cool up ourselves under the hot sun. What a favorite place for children.
The cold water mountain springs pool with slides and fountains.
We went for a nature walk and enjoyed the natural breeze and pollution-free air.
Girls, we were so thankful for having a great together on this lovely evening.