Monday, June 6, 2011

Celebrate grandmom's birthday at Goh Huat Seng Restaurant

Goh Huat Seng Restaurant is one of the oldest Teochew restaurants in Penang. It is situated in the folds of Kimberley Street. We went there for dinner to celebrate grandmom's birthday on 5.4.2011. We planned to try some specialies.
During dinner time, the restaurant is regularly crowded with people. On weekends, it is usually packed. Customers had to wait for minutes to be seated.
Many things did change over the years. But,the traditional steamboat is still lighted up with charcoal. Dad and mom love the traditional way of having a spread of steamboat. It brings us to the time of past treasures.
This restaurant started the business since around 1960. Besides the steamboat, it also serves delicious Teochew dishes. Our visit to this restaurant brought back wonderful childhood memories of grandmom.
This is a classic China based meal which using vegetables and meat. It's served well with white rice. Few slices of Dong Bo pork with some steaming hot mantou are heavenly. Even though mom doesn't fancy meat, but I like this dish.
Tofu is our favorite. We ordered Chinese chive flower buds with tofu. It really goes well with rice. Stir-fried chive flowers taste amazing.
We ordered fish balls with tang hoon which introduced by the waitress in the restaurant. This restaurant make their own fish balls. It is tasty and fresh. We were served by a very friendly waitress who attended to our needs. She also told us the history of the restaurant.
Teochew-style chicken . It sounds like a wonderful meal. Boneless chicken breasts fit into almost any meal plan. They are low in fat. Highly recommended for children who like crispy chicken.
We never forgot to order simple veggie dishes. Not too salty nor oily as with typical Teo Chew cooking style.
Egg Foo Yung is the most popular egg-based dish in Chinese cooking. It is our favorite home dish. These easy Chinese food recipes are quick to do with handy ingredients. We love to use eggs, onion and prawns to cook this dish.

Dad and mom love this traditional dessert. This dessert is quite unique, not those that we often seen in the restaurant menu. Not many visitors know about these yam paste or nee puffs. It only costs RM1.30 each. Mom insists on having this dessert for our next visit.
We really enjoyed their excellent teochew cooking. It was good to change our dinner menu and treat ourselves better.Happy Birthday, grandmom. Lydia and Priscilla, a grandmother is all the dear and precious things in life. Our prayer for grandmom is God will always wrap her in His arms. Girls, mom is completely amazed at all these beautiful bundles of joy that God has been blessing our family in these few years.

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