Thursday, June 9, 2011

Great Family time at Felda Residence Hot Springs

From the North-South Expressway , exit at Sungkai toll exit. Sungkai is between Slim River and Bidor. From there, we found a signboards leading to Felda Residence Hot Springs. About 20 minutes from the toll exit.

FELDA runs estates, palm trees plantation projects in Malaysia.
Felda Residence Hot Springs is in the middle of a oil palm plantation. The route passes through the Felda Sungai Klah which is a small town surrounded by the thick oil palm estate. It was pretty quiet.
Sungkai hot spring is located in the FELDA area, Sungkai, Perak in Malaysia.

We arrived at the resort around 3p.m on 4.6.2011. The journey took about two and half hour to arrive.
A modern chalet style rooms. This place is ideal for a short getaway from the hustle of city life.
In Sungkai hot spring park, we can try the public pools.
It would be a good idea if we just took a seat by the pool and dipped our feet into the hot spring water.
Both of you couldnt suit yourselves with the hot water at the beginning. Your feet got in and ran out from the pool. After got used to the temperature, both of you dipped your feet into the water.

Dad dipped his tired feet into this hot pool.

The temperature is around 42-50 degree Celsius.
Do you see this sign board? Please read the instruction to determine how long you need to boil your egg. It only takes about 3 minutes to make an egg into half boiled and 7 minutes to fully boil the egg.
Wow, hot, the egg-boiling area's water temperature went up till 100 degree Celsius.
We can purchase eggs from the stall here. 5 eggs for RM2, 30 eggs for RM12. We bought eggs from the stall nearby and dipped them into a pool of boiling hot water. The eggs were ready to be eaten in seven minutes.

Wow, the eggs were more tastier and springy. It meant to us because the eggs were cooked by mother nature's hot spring water.
Do you want to taste this natural hot spring boiled egg?
If you are looking a unique hot spring park, FELDA hot spring is the right place for you. The entire park was build on the natural hot springs. Many believed that the healing power of the hot spring can detoxify toxic from our body.

The hot spring just like a big spa. It gets its source of heat from the underground. We were enjoying our dip in the hot spring. We went through the unusual experience of being in an open natural sauna. The temperature is maintained at 30°C to 40°C.
After the hot and warm shower, it was good to have a splash of cold water.

Besides that, we also had fun in the cold water park. The water comes from a natural water source nearby. It was cold.
It was great to cool up ourselves under the hot sun. What a favorite place for children.
The cold water mountain springs pool with slides and fountains.
We went for a nature walk and enjoyed the natural breeze and pollution-free air.
Girls, we were so thankful for having a great together on this lovely evening.


  1. Hi Jane,
    Thanks for dropping by at my blog.

    Family trip is always fun and enjoying!
    I could sense and feel the happiness just by looking at the photos:-)

    Have a nice day yeah!

  2. Thanks Sarah. It was another amazing experience for my two daughters. We really enjoyed our stay

    Hope you have good days ahead.