Sunday, December 27, 2009

Marriage is a lifelong commitment

2. 6.2007 was one of the most important moments in teacher Pei En's life. It was a lovely day to remember. We attended her wedding ceremony at Jelutong Chinese Methodist Church.
Teacher Pei En looked pretty in her bridal gown. The bride took the first step. When the bridegroom drew the bride towards him by the hand, both of you smiled sweetly.
Lydia and Priscilla, when you stand and say your wedding vows, you are making a commitment to God, to yourself, and to your spouse. Marriage is a partnership which lasts for life between one man and one woman. The foundation of marriage is love.Marriage is a lifelong commitment. A companionship, where there is real giving and receiving, helping and being helped, caring and being cared for.
After church wedding ceremony, we had wedding lunch at Chinese Recreation Club (CRC).

Teacher Pei En dressed up in a gown. The gown was beautiful and suited her perfect. Mom actually liked the gown she picked.We were enjoying all the images of teacher's Pei En special day. Teacher Pei En definitely will not forget this special day. It was one of the most memorable moments of her.

We wish her many enjoyable days of her married life.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A visit to Kedah Paddy Museum

If you are in the vicinity of the northern states, do drop by this museum.The museum is next to the limestone hill call Gunung Keriang. The Kedah Paddy Museum is not just an ordinary museum which display some historical stuff.
The main attraction here is all about art paintings. Paintings which is framed and hang onto the wall.
A large scale artworks which impressive to everyone who visits the museum.
The unique architecture of the Museum represents harvested rice stalks and rice motifs are seen throughout the building.
The entrance to the museum is free but one need to buy tickets to the revolving tower. Cost is only RM3 for adult, RM1 for children and RM2 for the camera.
We went there for a visit with Hui Qing and Xin Yi on 18.10.2008.
We went up a dark cave-like ‘tunnel’ to the top floor of the building. It was dark and the surrounding was made in a way which looked exactly like a cave. Just after a couple of minutes of stair climbing, we reached to the top of the doom. The floor revolves and there are 3-D pictures of the sceneries.
I must say that this is an interesting feature because the drawings are really like real life with life size objects and humans. It's drawn by two North Korea artist.
Girls, this is where we could view the Kedah outer area in 360 degrees from a high rise area. The entire scenic view could actually remain unchange all the time.
The entire center doom of the museum consist of a rotating platform which you could just sit down and view the landscape scenic while the platform will rotate in circular motion slowly. What a great idea.
We went down to the exhibition hall to explore some history about the State of the Rice Bowl of Malaysia.
A beautiful sunset view from a paddy field.
Dad and mom really liked the paintings. One the lower floor of the museum is where you find the items being exhibited.
We never realize that there are so many types of paddy.
It is mainly displaying those conventional tools and items used in paddy field in the past.
We learned all about paddy growing and harvesting.

We also could see directly the technical of farmers.
Girls, when you go to gaol, you learn to get more in touch with yourselves.My girls, today's everything has change with advance in technology and you hardly sees people using buffalo in paddy field anymore. Malaysian paddy farmers have today practically fully mechanized their field work.
There was a lot of pressure from paddy farmers. Our government must respect the will of farmers.

Vegetables, fruit, our daily food, - all things were made by God for us. Along with rice, it is food for the common people. It is food for all people. Let us be thankful we have food in abundance.