Sunday, December 27, 2009

Marriage is a lifelong commitment

2. 6.2007 was one of the most important moments in teacher Pei En's life. It was a lovely day to remember. We attended her wedding ceremony at Jelutong Chinese Methodist Church.
Teacher Pei En looked pretty in her bridal gown. The bride took the first step. When the bridegroom drew the bride towards him by the hand, both of you smiled sweetly.
Lydia and Priscilla, when you stand and say your wedding vows, you are making a commitment to God, to yourself, and to your spouse. Marriage is a partnership which lasts for life between one man and one woman. The foundation of marriage is love.Marriage is a lifelong commitment. A companionship, where there is real giving and receiving, helping and being helped, caring and being cared for.
After church wedding ceremony, we had wedding lunch at Chinese Recreation Club (CRC).

Teacher Pei En dressed up in a gown. The gown was beautiful and suited her perfect. Mom actually liked the gown she picked.We were enjoying all the images of teacher's Pei En special day. Teacher Pei En definitely will not forget this special day. It was one of the most memorable moments of her.

We wish her many enjoyable days of her married life.

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  1. Yes, i agree marriage is a lifelong committment and that both parties must stand strong in support for each other during trials and tribulations.