Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Prizegiving Day-God is here

Drama involves pretending in a variety of situations. It helps children develop imagination, language skills, cooperation and other social skills. The theme of the drama on 30.10.2005 was God is here.

All the Sunday school children in GLGC were given an opportunity to participate.
A story of a girl named Jia Jia. She had a lot of questions in her mind. Her teachers and parents couldn't give a perfect answer to that. Jia Jia had a true desire to know and understand God's ways. One night, she fell asleep. A dream came.
She traveled back to 2000 years ago. In her eyes, she could see trust how God create the world. She he was overwhelmed by a sense of God's presence. Genesis 1:1-2:3 tells of how God created the world: God separates light from darkness, day from night and land from water. 
God makes the earth sprout trees. He made all of the animals from the tiny bug to the gigantic elephant. Jia Jia was exciting to realize that the God who did all of that, made us.He knows each of us intimately because he is our creator. He cares about us and He loves us.

Lydia,you performed the role of a bird.
Priscilla, you took the role of the moon.

Uncle Zheng Rong did a great job. He did wonderful art work. He spent a lot of your time working with all your images. Just used a piece of wire and glass paper, he could make wearable crafts. Many thanks for his huge effort.Song leader was uncle En Jia. He was new to that but he tried hard and did his best.
Teacher Ya Xin was sharing yearly Sunday school activities and events on 2005.
Some lovely sisters helped to prepared yummy food for the tummy. We thanked the Lord for the spirit of teamwork and co-operation among all the Sunday school teachers and church members.
Girls, dad and mom purposely upload Chong Xin's and Chong Pei's brothers photo here. They are your good brothers. Both of you like to share and chit chat with them. Dad and mom hope to leave it as a sweet memory.
Girls, God is very powerful and is capable of amazing things. One of the astounding things that He did was the act of creation. Genesis 1: 1-19 the account of the creation of the world is told. In order to know who God is we need to have a basic understanding of His relationship with nature.

Happy Prizegiving Day, my girls.