Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pleasant time at Xuan Xin Buffet Steamboat

We had our dinner at Xuan Xin Buffet Steamboat 炫昇自助火锅 on 18.9.2011. It is located at Tanjung Tokong near Island Plaza.

A great place for dining especially gathering. Hot pot style of eating food is not only satisfying, but also fulfilling.We made our reservation before going to the restaurant to avoid disappointment.

This fully air-conditioned restaurant with its combination of red and yellow colour provides a good ambience for steamboat dining. The environment here is comfortable and not very smoky. It successfully attracted huge crowds during dinner hours.

The price is around RM30 for weekend. Mon-Fri RM23.80++ per pax. Weekend RM27.50++ for adults and RM12+ for children age 6-12 years. They have 20% discount on weekdays recently. Business Hours: Everyday from 5.00pm-12.00am.

Enjoy a wide variety of choices for steamboat in buffet style.
Too much meat and seafood? It is good to balance up the diet with variety of vegetables.

Some choices of noodles such as glass noodles, rice noodles, instant noodles, seaweeds or sea vegetables.

Unlike other steamboat outlets, the restaurant here has the option of having teppanyaki.

It is a steamboat restoran that offer all you can eat buffet spread as well as teppanyaki cook.

They have a special teppanyaki corner which in charge of grilling your foods. The aroma flowing through the air makes us hungry.

Different types of soup to choose. The Crystal Clear soup, Thai Tom Yam soup, Ocean King soup, and Chicken Porridge soup are some of the choices for the customers to dip their selected raw food. We opted for the porrridge base soup and spicy Tom yam.
Hot and sour tom yam soup with shrimp. It is flavourful and aromatic.

The Chinese Porridge soup is the most promoted soup in Xuan Xin. So we go for that.

This soup becomes something much more satisfying and delicious when putting some shrimps and crabs. The crabs are the main character for the steamboat as they really can lighten up the whole soup base.
Choose your favorable mix and match dishes and chef will cook for you.

Can you see that? Delicious teppanyaki prepared by the chef on the spot. You are provided with small clips that are marked with your table numbers. Just clip them to your plates of food.
Things like marinated meat and seafood can be ideal for barbecue.
Our combinations from seafood and vegetables. Just pick your food, clip the table number to the plate and leave it to the chef at the teppanyaki counter. Our dish was be served after 5-10 minutes. Really yummy.
We love this flavorful fried chicken. Seasoning is boasted as the secret ingredient for tasty fried chicken.

Rojak is definitely one of dad and mom's favorite street food.
Quench your thirst with free flow of juice, with different flavours to suit your fancy such as black current, lemon tea, orange, and green tea.
Selection of sauces.

It is nice to end every meal with our favorite dessert. The ice cream comes in 6 flavours.
Dessert is rather limited with some soft ice-cream and sweet barley soup with fuchok. Hot and slightly sweet. As for mom, it is the perfect refreshing end to our satisfying dinner.

Usually steamboats is in buffet style, good for those who have big appetite. Without a doubt, we thoroughly enjoyed our Steamboat dinner here. Every one of us had a good appetite. At least, we enjoyed not just steamboat, but also had fun deciding what we wanted for the teppanyaki.


  1. Your girls are adorable and it looks like they are having a great time. I love the indoor water fountain from your other post. It is all very interesting. Oh yes, if you have ice cream that's all you need for dessert. :)

  2. Thanks Barb. We had a great time here and loved the whole experience. Xuan Xin is slightly different from other buffet steamboat. They offer teppanyaki corner. Anyway, it was truly a
    pity that there was not much choice on the dessert.

    The place with an indoor water fountain is another steamboat restaurant.We always go there for special occasions.

    Barb, it is wonderful to see the closeness of your family. Have a beautiful and joyful day.