Thursday, July 23, 2009

GLGC Sunday School Prize-giving Ceremony

GLGC Sunday School Prize-giving Ceremony on 30.10.2005.

The theme for today was "God is here". Girls, no matter what happens or what you do, God promises to always be with you. Not only is God always with you, He wants you to depend on Him to guide your life.

A creative inspiration backdrop which designed by teacher Pin Lin, with the help hands from teacher Jin Fong and Jin Yu.The backdrop was perfect and lively. An attractive fence that makes a nice backdrop for the plants and flowers. The fence itself acted as an essential factor in garden design.

To make the tree, our teachers used the brown colour papers. Traced a trunk shape onto the paper.Cut out the trunk shape and used the extra pieces to make the branches.

What a wonderful tree. Each craft ideas were just wonderful because they didn't take much time and money. All done in one easy step! Well done, teacher Pin Lin, teacher Jin Fong and Jin Yu.

Welcome to photo. We took a group photo in front of the backdrop. All of our work was meant to come together in the presentation. We smiled sweetly. In God we all are one family.

Our sunday school children had fun expressing themselves through drama, movement and music. Lydia and Priscilla, by taking on a role, you could escape from your everyday identity and explored through sketches and role play.

All of you acted using gesture and bodily movement, express yourselves solely by using your body. Children, you brought smiles to my eyes with your glorious singing. God is here.

Christian drama is a powerful way to share the message of Jesus on the street. A successful drama ministry brings people to a saving knowledge of Jesus and challenges Christians to be wholehearted in their walk with Christ.

Children, happy acting .

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