Saturday, July 11, 2009

An unfogetable travel experience

We had an unfogetable travel experience on 1.10.08.

We had an unfogetable travel experience on 1.10.08. Amusement World Cruise has created some fantastic values to motivate its guests who want to experience. It sails on non-landing gambling cruise from the port of Swettenham, Penang (Malaysia). It operates two 9 hour-cruises from Penang each day. From the moment you stepped onboard, you were welcomed by friendly service staff.

Dad had shown you how to throw darts. Want to play darts like your dad? With better understanding of the techniques of playing darts that will make you top of the table. Things are improving all the time. Keep applying the same principles and techniques that you have learned and things just keep getting better and better.
We watched "The Mummy" at the theatre. Girls, remember the first time you went to see a movie. Remember how big everything was. Remember the excitement as the lights dimmed. There was also a very different atmosphere and feeling when you watched a film in a theater on the sea. I really like movies involving characters from China's ancient times. Besides, I liked the China setting. Mom enjoys watching films, reading and cooking. But above all, I enjoy writing. Life is very unexplainable at times.

Another interesting thing to note was a very interesting performance where the performer changes his different masks in a very fast speed. This was the very famous Szechuan performance. We had our buffet lunch and dinner at the restaurant. They served quite good dishes.

Girls, say no to Casinos. Casinos put children at risk as parents leave or neglect them to gamble. Those who gamble could hve risk on losing everything. It becomes a serious problem not only to the individual but also to the society at large. The harmfulness caused by those who are hooked on gambling usually spreads to the family and community. To prevent one from gambling is to focus on spiritual development, take up sports or a hobby.

Girls, we stood on the back deck which affords wonderful views to the sea. We listened to the roar of the waves and had chance to breathe in that beautiful, fresh salt air. Let us read: The sea is his and he made it: and his hands formed the dry land. If we could overview the days, the six days of creation, I think you’ll see some absolutely fantastic patterns which God has recorded for us .

Lydia and Priscilla, to see God in everything makes life the greatest adventure there is.

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