Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Grandmom's 70th birthday

Today was 4.4.2006, grandmom's 70th birthday.We drove out to the grandparents place at 8p.m.

This celebration meant a lot to grandmom. She had arrived at this fantastic age. When grandmom looked back over her 70 years and the many mysterious ways of God, she could truly testify to the truth that God's ways and thoughts were far above anything we understand.

Grandmom is an extremely strong person, both physically and emotionally too, although she is over 70 years old. She make healthy living a part of her life. She's the one that always stands beside, full of patience and compassion.Grandmom devoted all of her love and energy to her family. We thanked for her tireless love and support.

We were joined by grandmom's two sisters. A warm welcome to our sisters fellowship. This fellowship was created out of a desire to have a place for like-minded sisters in Christ to have a place to fellowship on and encourage each other. The sisters in Christ share the happiness of those who are happy.We sang birthday song together for grandmom. What a memorable day.

May happiness surround grandmom.Girls, there is nothing better in life than having a loving grandmother.

Grandmom, hope your day is filled with the sweetest delights! Have a very Happy Birthday.

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