Monday, July 13, 2009

A visit to Penang Botanic Gardens

The Penang Botanic Gardens, more popularly known as "Waterfall Gardens". We came to the gardens to jog, exercise and enjoy clean fresh air on 25.5.08. It was s a very suitable destination for everybody to rest their mind and have a peace time.

Various floras unknown are found in these gardens. Neatly groomed, clean and green. It was wonderful to visit. Keep up the good team work.
We had such fond memories of the Botanical Gardens in this sunny evening.
A group of naughty chimpanzees were gathering along the roadside waiting for foods from visitors. Girls, young chimpanzees learn from observing other adults which food are safe to eat and where ripe food are located. For the first few months of its life, a baby chimp clings to its mother's belly as she travels with it to everywhere. Three of you had a laugh when the old chimpanzee made funny face.
Joamine, Lydia and Priscilla, we visited cactus garden before we left. Did you love the way that cactus look in the wild? Most cactuses are designed for life in the hot and dry deserts.The cactus family extends to many thousands of varieties and species. A variety of shapes, colour and form. The plants were potted up and growing well. We bought four tiny potted cactuses that didn't take up much space. Cactus plants are easy plants to grow in our garden or home. Just make sure that the soil is moist. But don't overwater! Be a "good gardener", Lydia and Priscilla, no one can love your cactuses as much as you.

Girls, explore the universe that God has made. Explore jungles and forests; oceans and streams; mountains and meadows. Let us sat back and admired God's creation. Cactus are absolutely wonderful !

Hope to see more beautiful gardens in Malaysia. We wish to make another visit to this lovely place.

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