Friday, July 17, 2009

Let us dance at Mc Donald's

Fun quickstep, Lydia and Priscilla, you had a few miss steps.

Anyways, all of you looked fantastic together and had this great energy.

Girls, Ronald McDonald is having a change of image. The clown from the world's largest fast food chain of restaurants is to become sportier. Ronald will start promoting a more active lifestyle to kids. McDonald's is trying to abandon traditional images of fries and burgers dripping with cholesterol.

It wants to encourage children to get on the move. Lydia, Priscilla, Joamine, Eileen and Yit Yun, let dance together with Ronald McDonald on 6.5.2007.

We arrived at Mc Donald's Greenlane after worship in GLGC. Rushed in a hurry.You only had a little time to dress up and make up. It was a show for children that parents can actually enjoyed. Your grandparents laughted a lot. Both of you always bring smiles to their faces.Grandpa and grandmom provide a great deal of practical support and emotional support to both of you.

Girls, what an incredible job you have done with these shows.

Have fun and improve your dancing skills. Girls, whether on the dance floor or the internet, observing can be your greatest learning tool. Don't allow yourself to be limited to the styles present in your area.

Happy dancing, Lydia and Priscilla. Explore different kinds of dances around the world.

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