Friday, July 15, 2011

Dinner at Clinic Cafe

We went to clinic cafe to have our dinner with po po on 10.7.2011. Do you have your meal at a clinic before? We went there even though without falling sick.

The Clinic Cafe is a themed restaurant which located in Gurney Plaza. Comfortable red soft cushions on the seats. The sofas have been reconstructed to look like hospital beds.

A new hospital inspired restaurant in Penang. The environment there was great.
The entrance to the clinic cafe is like an entrance to the real clinic. The restaurant is designed from top to bottom in a medical theme.

There is a front counter after entering the entrance which looks like a hospital's counters.

Theme restaurant is a trend in Malaysia. It is a themed restaurant with a hospital feel. Do you see that? Priscilla sat on a wheelchair. Some wheel chairs are placed just beside the door and they are being turned into dining chairs.
Beside the entrance is the Clinic Cafe Logo in a cross shape.We did not feel any strong smelling of medicine when we entered the Clinic Cafe. It was a cafe, not a medical supplies shop.

Could you see that? The walls covered with display frames of the human body functions posters.
Some medical instruments which are used by a doctor.

Some operation theatre lamps are above our head. Each dining table has its own operation theater lamps. An equipment that used in the medical field.

When we reached there during dinner time, there was only three tables dining. Pretty quiet.
Even the utensils are put in a steel kidney tray.

A surgery room where drinks are prepared for the diners.
A waitress who dressed like a nurse.

Do you like this cutey toy doctor and nurse? They are placed at the counter.

All the seats and even order chits are designed to remind us we are in the hospital. Order chits for customers to mark down their orders.
We were looking at the menu. Quite a number of choices to choose from. The price of food starts from RM7 and above, serving local oriental and some western food.

Lemon juice RM5.80. Drinks come in beakers and various shapes that we can find in a chemical lab.

Iced Lemon Tea with a few slices of fresh lemon which costs RM5.80.

Coke served in an icy cold beaker which costs RM3.80 only.
Lydia ordered Clinic Specialist which costs RM8.80.
Dad ordered Clinic Nasi Lemak which costs RM9.80.

Mom ordered Tom Yam Fried Rice which costs RM7.80. Will you lose your appetite while eating rice in a kidney bowl which is used during surgery? Our fried rice came with four crispy fried shrimps.

Chicken Cutlet which costs RM12.80. The specialty of this is the injection of the chili sauce. Priscilla likes this syringe filled sauces. The Chicken Cutlet is a deep frying chicken which is coated in bread crumbs, served with sweet corn, french fries and fresh vegetables with salad sauce dressing.

Po Po loves this Black Pepper Chicken Rice which costs RM13.80. Its taste is quite yummy. The flavor suited po po's taste bud. All of the food we ordered were served with generous amount of ingredients. The portion was quite large.
Our “medical report”. He he , a list of the food which we ordered.
We went there with Po Po to experience a different ambiance of dining. Penang is really a city of foodies paradise. Very sure it will come up with more and interesting restaurant ideas. The Clinic is unique, not just in Penang and Singapore, but all around the world. The pictures will speak for themselves.
The price was pretty reasonable for a theme restaurant in a shopping mall. Only a little too pricey for drinks. It is pretty interesting to have a clinic cafe in Gurney Plaza. If you are looking for something little different, this place would be a good choice for you.

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