Thursday, July 28, 2011

A meaningful day at Sungai Bakap

Dad had an opportunity to preach in Sungai Bakap, Gospel Hall on 22.5.2011. We went to the church with grandparents around 9a.m.

Dad preached a sermon about God led Israel out of Egypt to Canaan. God led Israel with a pillar of cloud by day, and a pillar of fire by night.
After the worship service, we had a good fellowship with the sisters and brothers in the church. They are friendly and caring. One of the sister shared with us charcoal peanut from Taiwan. It was wrapped in the crunchy black coating.
At the first taste, dad and mom only noticed the peanut and never get the point for the black coating. It was a slight sweetness.
We had a nice chat with brothers and sisters. Special thanks to brother Sheng Jie for this special lunch.
What an amazing deep-fried pumpkin dish. Deep-frying method locks the moist, flavorful pumpkin inside a crispy outer coating. This dish is fantastic and unique.
A peasant food to go with lots of rice. Mom preferred lean pork than fatty pork. Fatty pork is too oily, thus not "healthy."We love mushrooms. That is why mushrooms become a must on our daily dish list.
Dad and mom also like this Thai style crispy fried fish. Deep fried crispy fish, topped with Thai sweet and sour sauce and vegetables.
We really love this simple Cantonese dish. It is very comforting. It transports dad and mom to our childhood. Sometimes we use dried or fresh shrimps, but whatever ingredients, the basic steamed egg is the same. It is light, healthy and above all, delicious.
There are various ways to prepare deep dried chicken; going from simple frying to complicated preparations. Those who love their chicken crispy will love this crunchy fried chicken.
Dad and mom heard lots about the great foods in Sungai Bakap. Visitors come to Sungai Bakap mainly for its reknown Chye Kueh at Soon Lee Restaurant.
Chai koay are served as part of the their dim sum choices. They have different type of chai koay. Chai koay with mangkuang inside or kuchai. They also have another type with pumpkin in it. They look very appetizing.

One of the highlight of their dim sum here are their stuffed crab dim sum. Two small crab shells stuffed with crab and pork meat are steamed in a plate. We will definitely recommend to others and come again for our next trip.
Girls, it was a happy and meaningful day for us. Thumb up for the fantastic food. Besides that, a good fellowship.

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