Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dinner at Restoran Double Good

We got all dressed up to go to dinner on 16.11.2008 at 7 pm.
We went for dinner at Restoran Double Good with gu gu's family, da ee ma, gu po, grandpa and grandmom. The food was delicious with reasonable price.The food didn't take too long to arrive. Style curry was great with any seafood.This creamy prawn curry was yummy. It was recommended food in this restaurant. The key to Chinese steam fish is sauce and freshness of fish. Steamed fish is a great dish on a Chinese dinner table. This simple steamed fish was a winner, the flavorful sauce made it special.
Prawn curry, steam fish and fried vegatables were dad and mom favorite kind of meal tonight. The food was going right in our file. It was so good and it seem like everyone enjoyed the food as well.
Priscilla,you enjoyed the food. You ate a whole plate of it, usually you don't eat that much. A man with good appetite enjoys good health. Dad and mom hope that you can gain weight at a healthy level.
Lydia, you have been sick since Friday and have had almost no appetite. Hope you're appetite and good health return soon. One must have a good appetite. It is sign of good health. One must eat well in order to carry out the daily chores.
After dinner, we went shopping for essential grocery items with Anthony. After a long night, we tired but happy. Dad and mom glad that we had a good time together.

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